Our Students Won Breakthrough Awards in the 2020 American... 2020-09-25 
HUST Held a Video Conference on the 70th Anniversary of U... 2020-09-25 
Provincial Education Committee Inspection Team Guides 2020-09-25 
The International Students of HUST Won the “Outstanding ... 2020-09-25 
Alumni Donating Disinfection Equipment in Support of the ... 2020-09-25 
Actively Promoting Work in Spite of the influence of New ... 2020-09-25 
Team of "Detection Technology and Automation Devices" fro... 2020-09-25 
HUST Won “Outstanding Project for National Western Progr... 2020-09-25 
HUST President Zhao Lin Had a Talk with Student Represent... 2020-04-23 
Seven New High-level Provincial Research Platforms Establ... 2020-04-23 
HUST Won Provincial Military Theory Teaching Awards 2020-04-23 
HUST Team Won the Grand Prize in “Star Teacher” Contest... 2020-04-23 
A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Between HUST and... 2020-04-23 
Alumnus of the Automatic Control Wei Yiyin Elected as an ... 2020-04-23 
Joint Panels of HUST Engineering Education Accreditation ... 2020-04-23 
The Second Report Meeting of 30 Key Work Items in the Aca... 2020-04-23 
The Teaching Supervision Group Held a Meeting This Semest... 2019-12-09 
Two Groups and Eight Teachers from HUST Won Awards of Out... 2019-12-09 
The 35thTeacher’s Day Celebrationand the “Lifetime Hono... 2019-12-09 
HUST Holding Educational Deployment Conference Themed“Re... 2019-12-09 
The 568th President Work Meeting on Staff’s Livelihood A... 2019-12-09 
2019 Freshman Military Training Result Show and Reward Ce... 2019-12-09 
Fire Emergency Drills Carried out for Freshmen in HUST 2019-12-09 
The 6thGroup Birthday Celebration and the 3rdGroupGolden ... 2019-12-09 
Vice President Fang WenbinLed aDelegation toVisit the Uni... 2019-10-11 
Intelligent Youth, Creative Future—— 2019-10-11 
School Held MicroParty Class Competition to Commemorate 9... 2019-10-11 
Academician Lei Qingquan Gave Academic Lectures to Teache... 2019-10-11 
Freshmen Welcoming Season 2019: In-Depth Visits by Univer... 2019-10-11 
Thirty Projects of HUST were Supported by the National Na... 2019-10-11 
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