HUST Hosts 6thNational English Interpreting Competition i... 2017-07-05 
Alumni Interview—Li Yanbao, General Manager of Hangzhou ... 2017-05-22 
One Class Get Great Achievements and the Reform of Talent... 2017-05-22 
“Top 10 Women” Noble Deeds Report Enters Rongcheng Camp... 2017-05-22 
School of Laws Launches the Project of Teachers’ Virtue ... 2017-05-22 
HUST Young Teacher’s Scientific Achievements Published o... 2017-05-22 
Academic Papers by HUST Young Professors Selected into ES... 2017-05-22 
President and Head of Alumni Association Li Dayong Appoin... 2017-05-22 
HUST Holds Diploma Awarding Ceremony for 2017 Postgraduat... 2017-05-22 
Inspection Team of National Small & Medium Enterprise Dem... 2017-05-22 
Assessment Report on “Discussion of Undergraduate Educat... 2017-05-22 
HUST Holds Training Sessions & Workshops for All Her Cadr... 2017-05-22 
“HUST Stars” Illuminate the 8thCMC 2017-05-22 
HUST First Meeting of Graduate Education and Academic Dis... 2017-05-22 
A Strong Love for Heilongjiang and a Dedication for the R... 2017-05-22 
Dreams of Starting Businesses and Making Innovations Comi... 2017-05-22 
Seeking Overall Development and Composing a New Chapter 2017-05-22 
HUST Leader Sends Loving Care to the Retired 2017-03-14 
Training for Party Activists and Probationary Party Membe... 2017-03-14 
President Xi Talks on ​Studying & Implementing the Spiri... 2017-03-14 
Administration Authorities of HUST Extend Greetings to th... 2017-03-14 
New Year’s Greetings 2017-03-14 
11th Discussion Meeting Held by Directing Department of T... 2017-03-14 
Vice President Yang Chun Gives Front-line Logistics Worke... 2017-03-14 
Debriefing by Grassroots CPC Secretaries on Party Buildin... 2017-03-14 
HUST CPC Committee Holds 2016’s Democratic Meeting for h... 2017-03-14 
HUST Holds the 4thBohai Rim Forumfor Surface Finishing De... 2017-03-14 
HUST Provincial CPPCC Member Presented Heilongjiang Provi... 2017-03-14 
2017 New Years Address 2017-03-14 
HUST Postgraduate Volunteer Teaching Group Awarded Excell... 2017-03-14 
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