HUST Leaders’Investigations in Northeast Agricultural Un... 2019-05-27 
Students from Rongcheng Campus Won a Good Result Again in... 2019-05-27 
Twelve HUST Teachers Receiving Grants from the State Seni... 2019-05-27 
School of Foreign Languages Became the Council Membership... 2019-05-27 
HUSTers Winning Prizes in the National Software and Infor... 2019-05-27 
Two New Majors in HUST Got Approval from MOE 2019-05-27 
The 3rdPlenary Meeting of the Executive Committee of the ... 2019-05-27 
HUST Two 2018 NationalVirtual Simulation Teaching Project... 2019-05-27 
First Congress of HUST Communist Youth League Held Succes... 2019-04-11 
HUST’s Application of 2019 National Natural Science Foun... 2019-04-11 
HUST Held Seminar on First-Class Undergraduate Education ... 2019-04-11 
HUST Ice & Snow Art Team Achieves More in 2018-2019 2019-04-11 
Deputy Secretary of Provincial CPC Committee Chen Haibo, ... 2019-04-11 
[I'm a counselor] 2019-04-11 
Laboratory Safety Conference Was Held in HUST 2019-04-11 
Li Lanying Wins 2018 Honorary Title of Advanced Teaching ... 2019-04-11 
Innovative Measures forUniversityStudents'Undertakings in... 2019-03-07 
A Prize-GivingCeremonyto AwardOutstandingIndividuals andG... 2019-03-07 
HUSTKey Laboratory of Engineering Dielectrics and Applica... 2019-03-07 
3 HUST CPC Branches Rank into Top 100 Provincial CPC Bran... 2019-03-07 
HUST’s Works Won Great Results inthe 10thExcellent Educa... 2019-03-07 
The Awarding Ceremony for 2018Cuncao Scholarship and Fosh... 2019-03-07 
Inauguration Ceremony for Compaks Recreational Vehicles R... 2019-03-07 
HUST Contestants Got ExcellentResults in the Internationa... 2019-03-07 
HUST Awarded 2017 Provincial Excellent Technology Transfe... 2018-12-17 
HUST English Teacher and Student Facilitating Communicati... 2018-12-17 
New Progress on Energy Storage and Thermal Conductivity o... 2018-12-17 
HUST Professor Hu Jun Selected on World Highly-Cited Rese... 2018-12-17 
Students of Rongcheng Campus Make Great Achievements in 2... 2018-12-17 
HUSTers Winning Prizes in the 10thNational College Studen... 2018-12-17 
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