University’s Leaders Visit and Inspect the Central Canteen

In order to deeply understand the operation of the central canteen ofHUST,toinspectitsfood safety andtoclosely listen to the opinions and suggestions on improving the management quality and service, on the afternoon of December 4th, Zhao Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, along with Vice Presidents Chen Qingguo, Zang Yongjun, Yang Zhongxue and Lin Yi came to the central canteen for a visit and inspection, accompanied by relevant responsible comrades from the Logistics Management Office.

The group leaded bySecretary Zhao Lin conducted a detailed on-site inspection of the first to third floors of the centralcanteen, focusing on food safety production, canteenenvironment renovation, food supply, hygiene operation standards,and food variety. Theyalso put forwardguidance on the details of the corresponding work. During the inspection,theyhad a cordial conversation with the students having meals, togather their feedback on the quality and price of the meals. They carefully listened to the students’feedback on food safety.Secretary Zhao Linpointed out that school food safetywasa key issue of current social concernanda major issue related to students’life safety, as well ascampus harmony and stability. It is essential to continuously improve food hygiene and safety with a sense of responsibility towards students, their parents, and the society, so as to provide strong service guarantees for teachers and students' study and life.

Secretary Zhao Lin put forward several requirements forouruniversity’s food service:first,theconsciousness of“safety first”should befirmly established.It is necessary to tightly manage and frequently monitor the key links and parts that are prone to potential safety hazards.We should rigorouslyimplement the requirements of the food safety supervision department, prevent the occurrence of various food safety accidentsandeliminate potential safety hazardsin a timely manner, tomaintain the safety and stability ofour university.Second, we should combine the actual needs of teachers and students, continuously build and improve diversified, intelligent, and comfortable canteens, and strive to create a comfortable and convenient dining environment.Third, adheringto the student-centered approach, we must advance and innovate service measures, improve service initiative, continuously meet students’dining satisfaction, and further enhance the sense of gain and happiness of teachers and students in campuslife.

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