Top Ten Items of News about HUST in 2023

In the past year, HUST accumulated energy and strode forward, gaining good results.In the new year, we will chase our dream and open a new chapter of our journey. Let’s recall the special moments of HUST in 2023!

1.By prior planning and systematical organizing, our theme education succeeded

Under the requirement by the Central Committee of the CPC that“we should learn Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, enhance the spirit of the Party in ourselves, focus on practice and make new contributions”, the Party Committee of HUSTtried its best to transform Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Erainto great power by which it pursues its unwavering ideal, strengthen its spirit of the Party, instruct its practice and boost its work, emphasizing“we should be practical in planning, working and finding ways to solve problems”to answer the“papers”of the theme education. The theoretical learning of the HUST Party Committee is closely integrated with efficiency improvement, ensuring that theme education is effective and impressive. The close combination of investigation and research to overcome difficulties forms a strong synergy to promote development. Closely combining rectification with capacity and style building consolidates a clean and upright political environment. We should also promote the close integration of development and central work, and sound the“bugle for high-quality development”. Significant achievements have been made in the theme education work of HUST, and as a representative of universities, HUST have presented a typical experience report to the central guidance group. Its relevant work experience has been reported more than 120 times by mainstream media such as Guangming Daily. When the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Xu Qin, visited the university for inspection, he fully affirmed the university’s approach of closely integrating theme education with central work.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Xu Qin’s Inspection in HUST

Officials of HUST and Members of the Guidance Group’s Visit in the Northeast China Revolutionary Martyrs’ Memorial Hall

The Calligraphy Exhibition of the Theme Education

The APP of the Xinhua News Agency’s Report of the Theme Education in HUST

2.Promoting the Quality Development of HUST by Quality Construction of the Party Committee

The quality and efficiency of building and organization of the PartyinHUSTcontinue to improve, and the effectiveness assessment of political ecological construction has ranked among the top universities in the province this year, following a significant improvement inthesatisfaction assessmentof the construction.Ourbuilding workof the Partyhasgainedvarious awardsinevaluations throughout the province. The“Wang Daheng’s Faith in the Party”of theHUSTPartyCommittee has been awardedthe prize amongthe first batch of provincial universityParty building brands, fourGrass-rootsPartyOrganizations have been awardedthe title of“thedemonstration and creationunit”amongthe first batch of provincial university party building, and one teacher party branch secretary has won the second prize in the 5th Heilongjiang Provincial University Party Branch Secretary Quality and Ability Competition, which is the best result our school has achieved since the event was held. One researchwas awardedthe first prize fortheexcellent resultsof theresearch projects ofthe 2022bythe Heilongjiang Provincial Party Building Research Association. Party Secretary Zhao Lin attended the provincial organizational work conference and deliveredaspeech as the only representative of universities in the province,which isentitled“High-quality PartyBuildingLeading toHigh-qualityDevelopment of theEducational Cause andAnsweringHow toConstruct aStrongCountryof Education”.

Secretary of the Party Committee Zhao Lin Attending the Provincial Organizational Work Conference and Delivering His Speech

3.Ideological and Political Education being Improved and Having Good Effects

HUSTfocuses on creating a“panorama”of ideological and political work, comprehensively promoting all-round and full-process education, and presenting a situation of multipleaccomplishments in ideological and political work. Theuniversityhas been recognized as a demonstrationpointfor employment and entrepreneurshipofuniversitygraduates in Heilongjiang Province,whichhas been selected asone of theexcellentexamplesofthe“one-stop”student community exhibition by the Ministry of Education. TheSchoolof Marxism has been selected as one of the third batch ofthekeyschoolsof Marxismin the province, and theCollegeof Electrical and Electronic Engineering has been nominatedas a demonstration point for grass-roots ideological and political work in the province.A teacher from HUSTwon the second prize in the National Finals of the 2023 Foreign Language Course Ideological and Political Education CompetitionofHigher Education Institutions. The Party Secretary gave a speech at the provincial experience exchange meeting ontheethnic unity and progress in universities. The typical experience of school ideological and political work was reported by multiple mainstream media such as the NationalUniversityIdeological&Political Work Net. IntheNovemberof2023, under the guidance of the Department of TeacherEducationand the Department ofMoralWork of the Ministry of Education,HUST successfully heldthelarge-scale public welfare activityin the form of theannual summaryor,themobilizationgathering, withthetitle of“Thank You Teacher, You and I Together”,sponsored by the China Teacher Development Foundation and the China Education Development Foundation.

TheWorker Bookhouseof Harbin University of Science and Technology (Rong Cheng) was nominated asthe Demonstration Point ofWorker Bookhousein China in 2022 by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. In 2023, a person was awarded the May 1st Labor Medal in Heilongjiang; The Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment Innovation Studio was nominated as a national model worker and employee innovation studio in the systems of education, science, culture, health and sports; the Trade Union of the College of Material Science and Chemical Engineering was selected as “the Model of the Faculty Centre in the National Systems of Science, Culture, Health and Sports”. As one of the three representatives from universities in Heilongjiang, Guo Jiali, the Deputy Secretary of the HUST Party Committee and the President of the HUST Trade Union, attended the 18th National Congress of the Unions.

Nomination of theSchoolof Marxism

2023“Thank You Teacher, You and I Together”in HUST

The Title of the Demonstration Point for Employment and Entrepreneurship of University Graduates in Heilongjiang Province

TheWorker Bookhouseof Harbin University of Science and Technology (Rong Cheng)Nominated asthe Demonstration Point ofWorker Bookhousein China in 2022 by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

The Report of the Typical Experience in Ideological and Political Work in HUST

TheCollegeof Electrical and Electronic EngineeringNominatedas aDemonstrationPoint forGrass-rootsIdeological andPoliticalWork in theProvince

4.Improving the Work of Talent Introduction

On 4thDecember,the list of the National Outstanding Engineers and the National Outstanding Engineer Teams was publicly released by the China and the CPC Office of the Committee of the Award System of Medals and Honorary Titles. Professor Cai Wei was on the list, who was awarded the title of“the National Engineer”. Professor Hu Jun was included in the National Top Young Talent Plan. HUST has introduced quite a few young talents these years. Professor Hu Jun became“the National Most Cited Scholar”again in mathematics. It was the third time he was on the list. Mr. Yu Jun won the 2ndprize in the 2ndChina Postdoctoral Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, which was the highest rank Heilongjiang achieved in this year’s competition. Li Huihua, a postdoctoral teacher in HUST, gained the Special Support for Overseas Talents, and he was the only one that got the funds in Heilongjiang. Liu Xin got the Support for Overseas Talents Who Return to China, who was one of the two got the funds in the province. It was the first time for HUST to get the Young Talents Recommendation Project by China Association of Science and Technology. The volume of talents introduced to HUST has soared by 81% compared with that of last year.

Cai Wei on theList of “the National Engineers”

Hu JunBeing“the National Most Cited Scholar”forThree Consecutive Years

5.Improving the Ability to Research and Solve Problems on the Basis of National Major Strategies

The Integrated Design and Control Technology of the Shape, Performance and Application for Cutting Tools Used in Heavy Component Processing of Aerospace Energy Equipment,the project with Professor Liu Xianli as the leader, won the 1stprize of Technological Innovations in China’s Machinery Industry, which means HUST has made an important breakthrough in machinery production. The university also has 5 national key projects with sub-projects, receiving about 10, 000, 000 yuan of outlay which is actually about 8, 000, 000 yuan in reality. Professor Chi Qingguo’s research projects got support from the National Natural Science of China, which for HUST is a breakthrough in national key research projects and the key projects of the National Natural Science of China. That is a sign of the improvement of the innovative ability and the ability to research and solve problems in the form of a team.

Electric Machines and Controlwas included intoThe Catalogue of Quality Science Journals on Electrical Engineering (2022 Edition)T1(only 7 kinds of Chinese journals in that field) for the first time, and for the first time the journal was rated as one of the excellent journals at provincial level (only 10 in Heilongjiang). With other two journals ,Electric Machines and Controlwas rated A in the evaluation of social benefits.

Professor Liu Xianli (left) Winning the 1stPrize of Technological Innovations in China’s Machinery Industry

6.Further Reforming and Innovating Teaching and the Integration of Industry and Education

HUST has recently set a new engineering major (materials and chemistry)which has been certified. Up to now, HUST has 17 majors certified, with the largest number among universities directly under the governance of Heilongjiang Province. 4 majors, material forming and control engineering, vehicleengineering, measurement andcontroltechnology andinstrumentand software engineering, passed the mid-term review, with the expiration time of certification being December 2025 (with conditions). 15 courses including Electrical Machinery were on the list of national first-class courses for undergraduates. So far HUST has 24 national first-class courses. The number of first-class online and offline courses ranks among top 20 in China.

HUST was among the first batch of universitieswhich had the graduate training bases combined industry and education (pilot station) at provincial level. HUST held the 1stHeilongjiang Professional Degree Postgraduate Development Forum with the Education Ministry of Heilongjiang. The certification ceremony of the Graduate Training Base Combined Industry and Education (pilot station) was held in HUST. 13 graduate workshops were on the list of the first batch of the Graduate Workshops Combined Industry and Education in Heilongjiang. Some students got good results in the national final of the China Postgraduate Enterprise Management Innovation Competition, winning the 1stprize in MBA and other categories at national level.

TheNumber ofFirst-classOnline andOfflineCoursesRankingamong top 20 in China

TheCertificationCeremony of the Graduate Training Base Combined Industry and Education (PilotStation)& the 1st Heilongjiang Professional Degree Postgraduate Development Forum HUST

SomeStudentsWho GettingGoodResults in theNationalFinal of the China Postgraduate Enterprise Management Innovation Competition

7.On the Basis of the Needs of Modern Industries in Heilongjiang, HUST Making Progress in the Construction of the Research Platform

HUSTadopts the strategy of innovation-driven development and enhances the construction and operation of its research platforms. Its Key Laboratories of Engineering Dielectric of the Ministry of Education passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Education with good grades. It built 3 more science innovation platforms at provincial level. 6 key laboratories got awards of science innovation at provincial level, its number ranking No. 2 in Heilongjiang. HUST constantly extends its cooperation with different cities and different enterprises: it establishes strategic partnership in cooperation with the civil governments of Qiqihar, Suihua and Jixi, and it extends exchanges and cooperation with Harbin Electric Corporation, CFHI, AVIC and GENERTECH HMCT. The accomplishments solving the crux of core technologies were put into practice, with the outlay of science research in different fields rising by 14%, 27% more than that of last year. The profits of putting the accomplishments into practice increase 68% more that that of last year, 143% more than that of the year before last year.

The Deputy Governor of Heilongjiang Inspecting HUST about Its Science Accomplishments in Practice and Industrialization

HUST Signing the Agreement of Strategic Partnership with the Civil Government of Qiqihar

The Introduction and Utilization of Science Accomplishments

8.Accelerating the Construction of the Platform Opening totheNorthofChina with a New Journey of All-round Cooperation with Russia

In order to accelerateHeilongjiang’s opening up to other countries and build a new platform for opening up to the north of China, the Party Committee of HUST extends cooperation and exchanges with other countries, signing 10 cooperation contracts with 8 universities of Russia, Belarus and Korea in technological fields such as new energy, new material and high-class equipment, and HUST with Belarusian State University build Laboratories for the Test and Application of Advanced Materials.The two universities jointly applied for science items of international cooperation between China and Belarus, exploring potential in basic research, applied research and the industrialization of science accomplishments.

HUST actively applied the significant consensus by extending exchanges and cooperation between two countries in education and science.HUST has held the Spring of the Russian Language Competition in Harbin six times in a row. As a famous competition in Heilongjiang, it has become the Russian language competition which covers the most number of universities, countries (28) and participants (860) beside the All-China Russian Language Competition. It is also one of the activities of the Sino-Russian Cultural Year of 2024. At the same time, HUST focuses on boosting exchanges between the two countries. 2 Academicians of Russian Academy of Sciences and 40 experts and scholars from 29 Russian universities were invited to do academic exchanges and joint researches, which boost the construction of the university. HUST supported 26 students to study in Russia and admitted 51 Russian students, and the total number increased by 45% compared with that of last year.

The President of HUST and the President of Belarus State University Signing the Agreement

9.Boosting Education through Competitions

HUST made new breakthroughs in innovation practice education in 2023.In the 18th“Challenge Cup”National Race of Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic Works, 9 works from HUST won national awards and the National Galaxy Award (the grand prize) in the exhibition of“Blackbox Technology”. HUST for the first time won awards in three different projects in the China International College Students’Innovation Competition 2023(CICSIC)held by 12 sections of the Ministry of Education. At the 16ththe National College Student Innovation Annual Conference held by the Ministry of Education, HUST for the first time was selected into the project of academic essays and the project of reform, becoming one of the only two universities which was selected into two projects among the universities directly under the governance of Heilongjiang. Works of HUST of all the three projects were qualified to be exhibited. The university established a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, got 2, 165 projects approved the whole year and held 10 science competitions at the level above province, with 2, 452 students winning 993 awards above the provincial level, reaching a large coverage of students participating in competitions.

The Screenshot of the Video of the Project Winning the Grand Award

The Qualified Projects at the 16th the National College Student Innovation Annual Conference

The Projects Winning Awards in the China International College Students’ Innovation Competition 2023(CICSIC)

10.Serving the Teachers and Students Heart and Soul

The renovations of canteens in the West Zone and the South Zone have been finished, and the Central Canteen has officially begun to work. This time the canteens were upgraded on the whole, whose functions and models of service were improved in the form of “self-management + social service”, creating multifunctional and digital canteens to meet the needs resulting from personalities, differences and favours. After five years of repair, blockade and renovation, the Swimming Stadium reopened, establishing a good platform to promote the healthy way of life on campus. Online and offline services for teachers and students made progress. There were 207 items of services in the online office hall which served 171, 528 people. It truly “facilitates the access of information and saves time for teachers and students”. The Digital Campus Integration Space and Service Centre will provide services such as digital teaching, recording classes, holding academic meetings and automated printing, which ensures that teachers and students enjoy information services that are more smart, efficient and convenient.

The Central Canteen

Swimming pool reopened

The Digital Campus Integration Space and Service Centre

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