2012 New Year Congratulatory Speech from President Li Dayong

from Li Dayong translated by Pang Baokun


Snow dance displaying auspice and plum blossom welcoming the New Year, HUST waves goodbye to 2011, and harbors hope towards 2012. On behalf of HUST, I would like to express my sincere respect and greetings to the faculty and staff, students, retiree, friends from all circles of society, and domestic and overseas alumnus who have paid much attention and support to the development of HUST for a long time.

Reviewing 2011, which is the beginning year of the second 60 years anniversary, with twelfth five-year plan setting sail to its journey, we moved the first sonorous step to construct a stronger university.

Recalling 2011, we realized breakthroughs in national projects once again, at the same time we achieved 9 provincial pilot programs in higher education comprehensive reform. The total number of undergraduate majors increased to 54, and 19 majors was authorized provincial important majors. We also gained the glorious title of “National Advanced Unit” in postgraduate education.

Looking back to 2011, we achieved greatly in the research work of science and technology—more national fund projects, first prize in provincial scientific award again, 131authorization patents, and 208 SCI and EI papers more than that of the last year. HUST also increased tens ofdoctorate authorization disciplines and master authorization disciplines, which enables a more complete and reasonable discipline distribution, 10 among which rank among provincial key disciplines.

In retrospect, teachers became more qualified, and young teachers grew up rapidly. The doctorates’ achievers ratio mounts to 30%, and more than 20 teachers were sent for further study outside university. Our young teachers ranked top in the first provincial young teachers’ teaching contest.

With the reminiscence of 2011, we were financed from every area to enhance investment in infrastructure, improve educational condition, and boost teachers’ happiness index. We also ranked in the top 50 universities in graduates’ employment this year.

We will step in the year 2012, which is an important year to implement the twelfth five-year plan. With the breeze of spring blowing on our face, we hold more expectations for the coming New Year.

We should insist the strategy and theme of development, and adhere to the “Top Level Design” of HUST, which leads us to construct a more powerful university through the improvement of talents, quality, characteristics, academics, etc, hence to promote the integral development of our university.

What’s more, we should continue to tamp the cultural foundation of HUST, create high quality learning environment for students, and built the best educational platform for teachers, to make our campus full of academic and humanity atmosphere.

Further more, we will reinforce the internal management and external cooperation in the coming year. We will intensify internal management through deepening reforms in institutional mechanisms; and we will propel external cooperation through the cooperation programs with other universities, government, and research institutions.

I sincerely hope all the faculty, staffs, and students might unite together to make persistent efforts, and to establish a wonderful new year.

Finally, I wish everything goes well with everybody. May we have nice families, and good health! Happy New Year!