2022 New Year Speech

Secretary of university’s Party committee: ZHAO Lin  President: LIU Xia

Translated by Pang Baokun; edited by Pang Baokun

Respected professors, dear students, alumni and friends:

At a time to ring out the old year and ring in the new year, on behalf of the university’s leading groups of Party Committee and Departments, we would like to extend sincere New Year greetings to all faculty and their family members, students , retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad, as well as leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the construction and development of Harbin University of Science and Technology(HUST for short).

The year 2021 is a milestone in the history of China's development. It marks the the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and China embarks on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects. 2021 is also a key year for HUST to fully implement the 14th Five-Year Plan and start a new journey of making itself a world-class university and developing world-class disciplines. The provincial committee of the CPC and provincial people's government attached great importance to the building and development of our university. Hu Changsheng, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor, made an inspection tour of our university and paid tribute to our faculty on Teachers’ Day. Last year, our faculty, students, alumni and the university party committee made joint efforts to stride forward and secured extraordinary achievements in making a better university. In the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we made new accomplishments and brought new changes to our university.

Over the past year, with strengthening the Party as our overarching principle, our university has been strengthening the Party as our overarching principle, upholding and strengthening overall Party leadership. Following the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we have launched a campaign for the study of the Partys history so as to cultivate firm ideals and convictions and fulfill the Party’s original aspiration and founding mission. A series of events have been held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and “Please rest assured, we are ready to build a powerful China” become the solemn pledge and commitment of the faculty and students of our university. Party Committees at the primary level have been successfully changed, the building of leading bodies has been strengthened in all respects, the structure of Party officials at all levels has been continuously optimized, and energy to fight has been significantly improved. university of Mechanical and Power Engineering was awarded the “National Worker Vanguard”, the “Shiliuzi(pomegranate seed)” studio was named the Exemplary Organizations for Ethnic Unity of a Demonstration Area”, and Professor Hu Jun was awarded the “Outstanding Party members of Heilongjiang Province”. More and more outstanding groups and individuals are increasingly emerging. The core leadership role of Party committees at all levels, the major role of Party branches and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members of the faculty and students have been brought into full play and the high-quality development of various undertakings in the university is guided by the high-quality party building.

Over the past year, our university has deepened reform in a comprehensive way and set a cross-disciplinary and integrated layout. Through the revocation and amalgamation of five colleges, we have achieved the largest-scale college integration and re-designation since the founding of HUST. By the two-level management of university and colleges, we have promoted the modernization of the college governance system and governance capacity. We have optimized the structure of disciplines and majors by adjusting the attribution of four first-tier disciplines, three categories of master's degrees and six undergraduate majors. Therefore, a new synergy has been forged featuring cross-integration and coordinated development of multiple disciplines, which is dominated by a number of advantageous and characteristic subject groups. Chemistry has become the third ESI top 1% discipline globally in our university. Academician Lei Qingquan won the “2021 China dielectric Physics Lifetime Achievement Award”, and Professor Cai Wei was awarded “National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talents”. Their outstanding achievements inspire young teachers to climbing great hills only to reach new heights and make new achievements in discipline construction.

Over the past year, the university has implemented the fundamental task of cultivating virtuous people, and people of the times who are capable of shouldering the mission of national rejuvenation. We are focusing on the building of “new engineering” and in order to move faster to train professionals we are badly lacking, five new majors have enrolled students for the first time. We have added ten national and five provincial first-class major pilots and twenty-nine provincial-level first-class undergraduate courses. Two majors have passed the certification of engineering education. To achieve the mechanism for integrating vocational education with industry, seven colleges have cooperated with thirteen enterprises. The Electric Machinery edited by Professor Ge Baojun etc. has won the second prize of the first national excellent textbook. Two courses have been listed as the first national model ideological-political courses and many professors have been awarded honors in the provincial first ideological-political teaching competition, which helped the university be one of the first pilot institutes in building ideological-political courses in Heilongjiang Province. In addition, Ai Didi was nominated as “National University Counselor of the Year” and Longjiang Most Beautiful Counselor” and Cui Guohong as “ University Counselor of the Year in Heilongjiang Province”. Two students won the honor of “Star of Self-improvement among Chinese college students”, one student made his way onto the list of “Person of the Year among Chinese College Students” and a number of students made great achievements in various competitions at all levels.

Over the past year, the university has followed the path of high-quality development of substance, and scientific research achievements have reached a new height. The “Touyan(Leading Goose)” team has passed the mid-term test with excellent results and the key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Intelligent Technology of the Ministry of Education and the construction program of Engineering Research Center of Automotive Electronic Drive Control and System Integration of the Ministry of Education have passed the inspection. So far, the construction of platform for scientific research has reached a new level. Also, a large number of young talents have come to the fore. Professors Chen Minghua and Chi Qingguo have respectively received funding from the national high-level youth talent project, which has achieved a historic breakthrough. Professor Chi Qingguo's team won the first prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Award (Natural Science). We have deepened the integration and development of universities and enterprises, held the “Forum for Alumnus Entrepreneur to Support the Development of Longjiang” and built a win-win platform for the cooperation involving local government, universities and alumni. Hu Changsheng, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor, gave his instructions and vice governor Sun Dongsheng attended the event and offered his affirmation. Through the scientific research cooperation with seven scientific and technological enterprises, including Harbin Electric Corporation and Shanghai AIPU-WATON, the university has achieved forty commercialization of scientific and technological advances, which has doubled the total income from the commercialization over the previous year, contributing the wisdom and strength of HUST to the revitalization of Longjiang.

Over the past year, the university has practiced the people-centered philosophy of development to improve people’s livelihood and benefit faculty members and students. Financed by government special funds, we have built the flyover for the southern campus, repaired teaching buildings and student apartments, etc.. The number of maintenance projects and the expenditure have achieved a record. By raising funds in many ways, the university has resolved the debt crisis and effectively removed the capital bottleneck restricting the development of the university. By establishing a new salary distribution system which is performance-oriented in the university, faculty members have gained access to the universitys development dividends. The sense of achievement, well-being and sense of security of faculty members and students have been significantly improved.

As is depicted in lines “It seems to be common and easy to achieve, but actually peculiar and hard”. The achievements in 2021 have been made possible by the joint efforts and hard work of all the faculty and students. It can be seen that the student union and logistics personnel have been on the front line to meet the needs of COVID-19 prevention and control work; professors have given lectures in classrooms or online with great attention and cared students with sincere love; scientific research teams have been persisting in overcoming difficulties to make more breakthroughs day and night; cadres at all levels have been ready to take responsibilities and take corresponding actions; the personnel responsible for service and security work have been on standby at any time to do repair work in time and secure the campus; many students have been recommended to universities of reputation to further their study and some students have even volunteered to work where they are needed most including western China and primary-level organizations. During the past year, every member of HUST has made their effort and is incredible!

This is the best time and also the right time for us. In 2022, we will hold the fourth Party Congress of HUST where we will draw up a blueprint for the development in the next five years. The new Party committee of the university will continue to follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; we will be committed to applying the new development philosophy in the new development stage to create a new development dynamic, unite and lead all the faculty and students to strive forward under the guidance of the spirit of the fourth Party Congress. We will implement the fundamental task of cultivating virtuous people,and deepen reform in a comprehensive way. We will speed up the the second phase of building a world-class university and developing world-class disciplines and sail out for our journey ahead to build a first-class science and technology university with distinctive characteristics in China. We will usher in the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress with new responsibilities, new actions and new achievements!

As we ring in the New Year, let’s embrace 2022 with confidence and anticipation. May our country enjoy prosperity and our people live in peace and harmony! May Harbin University of Technology maintain our success and achieve huge new success! Best wishes to all the faculty members and students, alumni and retired comrades! Happy New Year!

December 31, 2021