Wang Yongkang Visits HUST for Investigation and Research

On the afternoon of December 6th, Wang Yongkang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group andtheDeputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, led a delegation toHarbin University of Science and Technologyfor investigation and research, furthering the implementation of the“double-contact”system.They deeplylearnedthe work and life of Liu Xia, the Provincial Representative and the President of HUST, and solicited suggestions and opinions from representatives. The delegation also visited some locations including the University History Museum, the National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of High-Efficiency Cutting and Tooling, and the Heilongjiang Collaborative Innovation Center for Graphite and Graphene Application Technology. At the conference held in the Second Meeting Room of the Main Teaching Building, the delegation heard presentations on the university, and coordinated solutions to practical difficulties and problems encountered by the representatives. Hou Baijun, Chairman of thePersonnel Committee of theProvincial People’s Congress, presided over the conference.

Secretary Wang Yongkang fully affirmed the university’s recent progress and achievements. He pointed out that takingXi Jinping’s Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as its fundamental guide,HUSThasconscientiously implementedthe Party’s educational policy, rememberedits mission of educating people for the Party and cultivating talents for the country.Situated in Heilongjiang, the university has firmly established itself in the electromechanical industry through consistent efforts.Ithas has assumed the sacred mission of building the old industrial base in Northeast China and contributing to the national industrial modernization construction. With a rich historical background and outstanding scientific research achievements,HUSThas made important progressin a range of foundational work, andhas achieved notable breakthroughs ina series of key reforminitiatives, thus making significant contributions to the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.

Secretary Wang hopedthatbycloselyaligning withthe centralwork of the provincial Party committeeand focusing onthe“major plans of the province”and“major issues of the people’s livelihoods”,Liu Xia,the provincial representativecouldcarefully prepare the motion suggestions and deliberation speeches, provide more advice and suggestions for the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang,andparticipate more in the representative activities organized by the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress,thusfully playingthe main role of the representatives. Healso wishedthat HUST couldachievegreatsuccessesand show great potential in talent cultivationand the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang. Inthe terms ofscientific innovation and“double first-class”construction, itcould strive to reach new heights and achieve greater achievements.

PresidentLiu Xia expressed his gratitude to the Provincial People’s Congress for its long-term attention and support in the development and construction of HUST. He also presented an overviewof our university, includingitshistorical evolution, basic situation, talent cultivation, teacher team construction, and institutional reform. He mentioned that the university had always adhered to the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, upheld the fundamental task of fostering people with morality, and followed the educational philosophy of“emphasizing practice and fostering people with both abilities and morality”advocated by the former president. By leveraging its disciplinary advantages, theuniversityhas been committed to cultivating talents for the party and the country, promoting reform to drive development, continuously optimizing the layout of disciplines and majors, advancing the reform of talent evaluation systemsandmanagement systems, solving problems to enhance theuniversity’s support capabilities, and promoting the development of all-round development.HUSThas made contributions to the strategies of building a strong education country, a strong talent country, and a strong science and technology country.

At theconference, the two parties had in-depth exchanges and discussed development plans. Han Jiabin,themember of the Party Leadership Group and Secretary of the Party Committee of theStanding Committeeof theProvincial People’s Congress, otherrelevant leaders from the Personnel Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and the Research Office oftheStanding Committeeof theProvincial People’s Congress, President Liu Xia, Vice President Chen Qingguo, principals from the Party Committee Office/President’s Office, Discipline Construction and Development Planning Department, Science and Technology Department of HUSTattended theconferenceand accompanied the investigation. (ImageSource: Press Office of theStanding Committeeof theProvincial People’s Congress and Publicity Department of theHUSTParty Committee)

SecretaryWang’sInvestigation intheNational-localJointEngineeringLaboratory ofHigh-efficiencyCutting andTooling.

SecretaryWang’s Investigation intheCollaborativeInnovationCenter for theApplication ofGraphite-grapheneTechnology in Heilongjiang Province.

SecretaryWang’s Investigation in the University History Museum

SecretaryWangDelivering Speech at the Conference

ChairmanHou BaijunPresidingover theConference

President Liu Xia Talking at the Conference

Vice President Chen Qingguo Attending the Conference

TheScene of theConference

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