New Year’s Message by HUST in 2024

Dear teachers, students,alumni / alumnea and friends,

The old has gone and the new year has come. On this occasion of saying good bye to the past and greeting the new, on behalf of HUST, we extend our best wishes, heartfelt gratitude and regards to all the teaching staff, students, faculty, retired staff, domestic and overseas alumni / alumnea as well as officials and friends who have cared for the development of HUST for a long time.

2023 is a special year for HUST. In that year, HUST began to act on the spirit of the Party’s 20thNational Congress in an all-round way by constructing its courses comprehensively and striving to make itself become a first-class university of science and engineering with its own characteristics in China. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we study and uphold the spirit of the Party’s 20thNational Congress through the theme education. We study and act on the directions of the speech made by President Xi Jinping in his inspection in Heilongjiang, defend the“Two Affirmations”and the“Two Upholds”, develop Heilongjiang in quality, innovation, international exchange, environmental protection, welfare of the people and integrity of the government, rejuvenate Heilongjiang in science and education, agriculture, industry, culture, ecosystem, the layout of regions, talents and welfare of the people, and provide services for the modern industrial system of“4567”. Through a series of measures, we have gotten some good results, which is a good start to develop our university and Heilongjiang.

As we look back at 2023, we recalled our painstaking efforts to obtain accomplishments.Combining quality construction of the Party Committee of our university and quality development, we are of one heart in creating good atmosphere for development, and we took the lead in the examination of administration morals of universities in Heilongjiang in 2022. We also pay much attention to the construction of the Party Committee at basic level. 4 basic units of the Party Committee were selected into the“Good Examples”of the construction of the Party in state-run universities in Heilongjiang, and our faculty won prizes in the quality and ability competition of secretaries of the Party Committees of universities in Heilongjiang. Building a“new highland”of theoretical armament, the university conscientiously studies and implements the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and has been awarded the“Best Innovative Example of Learning, Publicity and Implementation of the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Provincial Universities”. Creating a“panorama”of ideological and political work, HUST has been selected as an excellent example of the exhibition of the“one-stop”student community by the Ministry of Education, the School of Marxism has been selected as a key institute in Heilongjiang, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has been named as a demonstration point for basic ideological and political work in the province, and the typical experience of ideological and political work in HUST has been reported by multiple mainstream media such as the National University Ideological & Political Work Net. Playing the“strongest voice”of service revitalization, the university party committee attaches great importance to talent cultivation. 17 majors have passed the engineering education professional certification, ranking first among provincial universities in terms of quantity. 15 courses have been selected as national first-class undergraduate courses, and 13 graduate workstations have been selected as the first batch of Heilongjiang Province’s integrated industry and education graduate workstations. The proportion of graduates serving basic and national strategic needs has reached a new high, and HUST has been awarded the title of“Demonstration University for Employment and Entrepreneurship of University Graduates in Heilongjiang Province”.

As we look back at 2023, we recalled a whole year of shining sweat.With the strong-willed guidance of the university Party Committee, we strove for the best and worked hard every day, winning honors and reputation through practising the promises of“focusing on teaching and constructing our country”and“Please count on me, on the way to a stronger country”! Professor Cai Wei was awarded the National Outstanding Engineer Award which was made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council for the first time; Professor Liu Xianli won the first prize of the State Award of Mechanical Industry Science and Technology; Professor Hu Jun has been recognized as a national high-level talent and has been listed as a“highly cited scholar in China”for three consecutive years, who has also been awarded the National May 1stLabor Medal in Heilongjiang Province; Professor Xie Ying’s project has been approved as one of the key research and development projects of the 14thFive-Year Plan; The Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment Innovation Studio led by Professor Chi Qingguo has been confirmed as a national model worker and employee innovation studio in the systems of education, science, culture, health and sports; 7 postdoctors were awarded funding from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation; Wu Haijun, a student from the College of Mechanical Engineering, was awarded the“Ye Shenghua Scholarship”, and Zhao Xudong, a student from the School of Measurement–Control Technology and Communications Engineering, was awarded the scholarship of“the Star of Self-Reliance of Chinese College Students”. We have also seen one student after another achieving good results for their university in subject competitions,“the Challenge Cup”competitions, skill competitions and other competitions. The efforts and hard work of teachers and students have made extraordinary contributions to further enhancing the social influence of HUST as well as laid a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting the construction of disciplines and reaching the peaks of disciplines.

As we look back at 2023, we recalled a new outlook created by our every endeavour.The Party Committee of our university always put what teachers and students“are eager to solve”or what“are difficult to solve”first on the agenda, promoting the construction of the university and making teachers and students feel happier and a bigger sense of fulfillment. That we combine the theme education with central work is praised by Xu Qin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Heilongjiang. To meet the needs of teachers and students, the Central Canteen has officially been in use, which HUST students have long desired. The newly-reopened swimming stadium has also opened its arms to teachers and students. To simplify the procedure of handling affairs, the online office hall has worked, and the Digital Campus Service Centre including digital teaching, recording classes, holding academic meetings and automated printing is going to open. To make teachers and students feel secure in their positions, we adopt the programme of“attracting, cultivating, keeping and utilizing”talents, introducing many more talents to the university, with the number of high-level talents ranking high among universities directly under the administration of the provincial government. To better promote the rejuvenation of Heilongjiang, we improve systematic research projects to solve a series of“bottlenecks”, and the funding to different disciplines reaches a new high with more achievements of scientific research applied into practice, serving Heilongjiang and science and technology industry better. For the long-term development goals, this year HUST has comprehensively promoted the construction of disciplines, organized and completed the demonstration of the direction for first level disciplines, driving the overall leap of the university’s core competitiveness. The university’s ESI global ranking has advanced 262 places year-on-year, and all the three disciplines in the top 1% of the world have advanced. The new energy-driven building serving the construction of the disciplines is about to be completed. Of course, there are still many tasks and achievements which have been carried out and achieved during this year. These measures are the result of the unity and struggle of all the staff in the university, all aimed at making teachers and students more at ease in their studies and work, more comfortable in their growth and development, and feel warmer in their lives.

While the wind is strong in our journey, we set sail with significant tasks. In 2023, HUST has accumulated energy in the complex test of risks, striding forward with a high head in quality development. In 2024, HUST will continue chasing the dream, follow the guidance of the Central Committee of the CPC with Xi Jinping as the centre and take a down-to-earth attitude in every piece of work, striving to make a national first-class university of science and technology with new splendours and accomplishments. The bell of the New Year is going to jingle. With best wishes for future, let’s welcome 2024.

Wish all the staff a Happy New Year and all wishes come true!

Wish HUST success in the future!

Wish our great motherland prosperity and our people happiness!

Secretary of the Party Committee of the University: Zhao Lin  President of the University: Liu Xia

31stDecember 2023

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