Introduction to Harbin University of Science and Technology

Harbin  University of Science and Technology Science Park(HUSTSP) was established in  2007 and was evaluated and promoted as a national university Science Park in  2009. HUSTSP ranked 39th in 86 national university Science Parks and 2ed in the  northeast of China in 2013.

At  present, the Science Park is composed of four zones: sci-tech enterprise  incubator, incubation zone of the teachers’ research findings , entrepreneurship  base of the medium-sized and small enterprises, and industrialization base of  the Science Park. Now 185 enterprises enrolled in the Science Park, providing  over 2000 job opportunities for local  people. There are 9 research and development centers and 18 entrepreneurship  public service institutions including 15 medium service agencies, a venture  investment agency, a financial service agency and a business service  agency.

A  perfect system with high-level service was established in the Science Park.  Since the transformation of sci-tech achiev-ement  is difficult, the industrialization incubation center of teachers’sci-tech  achievements is established in the  Science Park to help university teachers conduct transfer of sci-tech achievements.  Industrialization projects which are highly technical and can find a ready market are selected and assessed. Then financial support, training and entrepreneur services are provided.  In order to attract and retain talents and solve the graduates’ employment  problems,  a bachelor workstation has been built to offer comprehensive services  for college students from entrepreneurship, enterprise internship, practical  training to employment guidance.  As the transformation from knowledge innovation to technology innovation is difficult and contribution level of intellectual property is low, theinnovation incubation center was established to conduct creative design, product show  and patent promotion, etc. Technical innovation boosts the economic development.  In order to tackle the financing difficulty, an entrepreneurial base of  the medium-sized and small enterprises was  established and promoted by Industry and Information Committee in Heilongjiang  to offer comprehensive service for the   medium-sized and small enterprises. In order to strengthen the external  development of the Science Park , we also built branches in Rongcheng, Shandong  Province, and Qitaihe, Heilongjiang province.

We  have 23 service platforms which were identified by government at all levels,  including national Science Park, national incubator , national college  students technology incubation practice base  , national technology transfer center and national public technology service  platform.

In  2015, the Science Park begins to transform service according to the development  requirement for local economy to emphatically foster innovation ability of  university Science Park. We will expand space  for development and promote the integration of science and technology and that  of science and culture so as to realize the goal of transformation of Science  Park and become one of the first-class domestic universities Science and  Parks.