2017 NECCS Grand Final Opens in HUST

by Wang Shurui fromSchool of Foreign Languages & Publicity Department

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byChen Fuming

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On August 7, 2017 Grand Final of NECCS(National English Competition for College Students)had its grand opening in HUST, with 28 participating teams at provincial level formed by some 400 competitors from more than 230 universities and colleges in China.

The competition was jointly sponsored by Advisory Board for College Foreign Teaching and College English Teaching and Research Association of China, co-sponsored by College Foreign Language Teaching Committee of Heilongjiang Province and hosted by HUST as well as Tianren Press Group English Coaching Paper, Testing & Evaluation. All competitors are winners of grand prize or first prize in branch finals of NECCS held in the provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities where their universities or colleges situated earlierthis yearand represent the highest English level of Chinese college students.

The opening ceremony was held in HUST’s Lecture Hallofthe first building, West Campus, attended by, besides the competitors and jury made up of some 20 English teaching experts from both home and abroad, some distinguished guests, including Professor Yang Zhizhong, thechairman of College English Teaching & Research Association of China, Professor Liu Shenghui, vice president of HUST, Professor Bao Tianren, chairman ofIATEFL China & director ofNational Cooperative Group for Normal Universities, Professor Jiang Yufeng, Chairman of College Foreign Language Teaching Committee of Heilongjiang Province and dean of HUST’s International Culture & Education as well as director of HUST’s International Cooperation & Exchange, Professor Sun Qingkun, director of HUST Department of Teaching Affairs, and Professor Zhen Yanhua, Dean of HUST’sSchool of Foreign Languages, etc.

Professor Yang and Vice president Liu delivered their speech on behalf of the sponsors and host individually, to congratulate the opening of this competition as well as the arrival of all competitors.

During the following 4 days, three contests,i.e. the 18thNational English Speech Competition, the 11th National English Talent Competition and the 18thNational English Debate Competition will be held in turns, intermixed some activities likeexperiences exchange on English study, English salon,etc., which should benefit a lot to enhance college English teaching reform in HUST as well as in China as a whole .


Vice president Liu delivering his speech

Professor Yang delivering his speech

The scene of opening ceremony


The distinguished guests and jury members

HUST working staff in this competition


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