CUPT Witnesses HUST’s Success

byAnonymous fromDepartment of Teaching Affairs

Translated by Wei Xutao; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On August 17, after 4 days’ (5 rounds) fierce competition, the 4th CUPT (China Undergraduate Physics Tournament) drew to a successful close. 39 teams from 38 universities of China, including Peking university, Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Fudan University, etc. attended the competition, while 9 teams from 5 universities and 4 high schools viewed it live.

HUST sent a delegation of 5 competitors,which, under the tutorship of He Lijuan and Chen Chuntian from HUST’s Material Physics Department (both were employed as referees of the competition as well), won the national third prize, and among whom, Huang Huaichong, from School of Electrical Engineering, beat all his some 200 rivals and was awarded as the best player.

Supported by MOE, CUPT is a nationwide physics competition of China as well as one of the most important undergraduates’ innovational competitions based onthe Outline of Mid-long Term Educational Reform.It is arranged in accordance with the pattern of IYPT (The International Youth Physicist Competition), i.e. completely conducted in way of team competing and aims to enhance competitors’ practical capability, innovation sense and teamwork spirit.

It is the first time for HUST to compete in CUPT and the achievement marked a substantial progress in her teaching reform and innovation. In fact, to prepare for it, both HUST’s Department of Teaching Affairs and Material Physics Department have spared no effort. All of the 5 competitors are selected by a series of competitions inside HUST and undertook an intensive training over a half year, which, in turn, assured their perfect performance in front of critical experts and strong rivals from other universities.

HUST delegation in CUPT

Certificate of the team

Certificate won by Huang Huaichong, the beat player of the 4th CUPT

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