HUST Contestants Win Two First Prizes in the Professional National Competitions for College Students

by Wang Yangang fromthe Academic Affairs Office

Translated byLiu Xiuming; Edited byChen Fuming

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In order to “speed up the new engineering construction, accelerate the pace of professional certification of engineering education, strengthen training support for talents with complete knowledge structure”, strong practical ability and outstanding innovation consciousness”, a series of new policies were issued by the Dean’s office of HUST to encourage and support teachers to guide students to participate in competitions focused on comprehensive knowledge and practice abilities. School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering made a quick and positive response to it, and in August, won two national first prizes in both theNational University Chemical Design Competition and theNational Contest of Principles of Chemical Engineering for Undergraduates. Their achievements in the competitions have strongly verified the great success of HUST in the reform of educational administration.

In recent years, School of Chemistry and EnvironmentalEngineering has been promoting and organizing students to participate in the important events like the National University Chemical Design Competition. The school also organized teachers’ guidance team (made up of Wang Hong, Guo Ying, Pei Lei, Yu Hong) to give students special instructions and practical guidance. Contestants from this school have obtained the national first prize for four consecutive years. The National Contest of Principles of Chemical Engineering for Undergraduates is held for the first time. The time they were notified to be invited to the contest, School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering took actions without delay and organized students to make preparations for it. The school tutor team (made up of Zhang Yan, Yu Hong, Niu Gudan) cancelled their summer holiday and devoted themselves to giving students positive guidance and training regardless of hot weather. In return for their hard work, contestants beat their opponents by excellent performance in the contest. In the national finals, HUST contestants showed extraordinary performance and won the national first prize finally.

The National University Chemical Design Competition is an important event in chemical engineering, which is composed of three-level trials including the provincial level, regional level and the national level. In the11th Chemical Design Competition, more than 1,000 teams from over 200 colleges and universities in the seven major regions completed and submitted their works.Our school has organized four teams from Grade 2014 to sign up for the competition. The number of the HUST contestants who attended this event is among the largest. From the feasibility research, product selection, process route selection to software simulation, the division of tasks, drawing, finally two teams—“Sulfur born” and “V-breaker” were chosen to participate in the provincial tournament. After a serious competition with 44 teams from 22 institutions, the “Sulfur born” team won the Outstanding Award and got the qualification in attending Northeastern Regional Competition. “V-breaker” won the first prize. The extraordinary performance of “Sulfur born” team in the northeast regional competition once again obtained excellent results and won Outstanding Award in regional competition. And then pushed forward to national finals competing with Dalian University of Engineering, Harbin Engineering University and other colleges. In the finals, “Sulfur born” team contested with 60 teams from all 7 regions, including Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, South China University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology and other teams with chemical features. With excellent design and excellent presentation and reply, “Sulfur born” team eventually got the honor of national first prize. During this six-month event, students made cooperation and achieved breakthrough step by step, and their comprehensive ability to use knowledge and solve complex engineering problems has been significantly improved.

A photo of contestants and tutors of The National University Chemical Design Competition in Heilongjiang Province

A photo of the contestants who have got Outstanding Award of The National University Chemical Design Competition in Northeast Competition Region

A certificate of National Competition (National First Prize)

The National Chemical Engineering Experiment Competition was held for the first time. The aim of this event is to assess students’ mastery of the basic knowledge of chemistry, practical ability and simulation ability. After receiving the notice of this competition, School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering actively organized the students of grade 2015 to form two teams after receiving the approval from the dean’s office. Teachers guided students to actively prepare and overcame difficulties such as limit of time, heavy tasks, and obsolete experimental equipment. In the northeast regional competition, our school contested with 24 universities including Dalian University of Technology, Shenyang Chemical University, Jilin Chemical University and other 44 teams. Profited by solid foundation and skilled practical skills in the three parts of the written examination, simulation and experiment, the students in our school finally won the Outstanding Award of northeast division and qualified for the national finals. The other team won the first prize in the northeast.

Experimental Operation Competition (National Final)

A photo of the First National Chemical Engineering Experiment Competition National Prize Winners

The outstanding achievements of these two competitions are inseparable from the attention and care of HUST leaders, the vigorous support of the Dean’s Office, the diligent instruction of the tutors and the hard work of the students. These achievements turn out an affirmation of the school teaching quality and teaching reform. It certainly provides a powerful reference for schools to carry out certification of engineering education, but also enhances the influence of the school and the students’ self-confidence and has lays a solid foundation for the school to form a good style of study.



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