Alumni, Welcome Home

byWang Yongxin fromUniversity Alumni Office

Translated by Yang Xin; edited by Chen Fuming

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Our university pays great attention to the work of alumni homecoming reception in recent years, and the number of alumni homecoming increases year by year. Our university has received nearly more than 5,000 alumni from 200 classes back to our university to carry out celebrations since 2010 the school 60 anniversary, and most of them come back during summer vacations. Before this summer vacation, every department in our university started corresponding work making preparation for alumni homecoming. Our university president Li Dayong, alumni association president and our university union president Yang Chun, vice president of alumni association make instructions for alumni homecoming reception several times. Each department in our university has finished preparation work to warmly welcome alumni homecoming.

Accompanied by director of our university office Man Chuntao, president Li Dayong and chairman Yang Chun are making guidance to the work of Alumni House

President Li Dayong are leaving messages to Alumni House

Alumni House

Goup Photo of University Leaders and Volunteers of Alumni Service

DietCenteropens dining area for alumni

Slogans to Welcome Alumni Coming Home

Souvenirs to the Alumni

Meeting Room for Alumni

Preparation for Alumni homecoming

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