HUST Holds Joint Exhibition of Chinese and Korean Artists’ Work

By Li Hong from School of Art

Translated by Su Qing; edited by Guo Hong

Time: 2011-12-20 10:32:18 Click: 862

On the morning of December 20, the joint exhibition of Chinese and Korean artists’ Work opened in art gallery of School of Art, which was organized by Korean Art Culture Research and School of Art. The exhibition lasted from December 19 to 21.

Four Korean artists participated in the exhibition with their works. They are Jin Yihai, who committed to Chinese and Korean cultural and artistic exchanges for years; Zheng Yufan, a member of Korean Arts Committee and the famous artist Liu Daorong. Many Chinese artists also attended the exhibition. The director of School of Art Lin Xuewei, some teachers coming from School of Art—Liu Jianhua, Xu Liang, Cheng Xianfeng, Liu Haiying and other famous artists in our province brought their works to the exhibition.

The aim of this exhibition is to set up the communication platform between Chinese and Korean artists. On the one hand, it promotes the development of School of Art and provides opportunities for the students. On the other hand, it deepens the communication of the two countries and promotes the development of arts in our province.

Korean and Chinese artists attending the opening ceremony

Teachers and students at the exhibition.

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