HUST Successfully Finishes the First International Students Rucruitment of Governmental Scholarship

byJin Jiyong fromInternational Cooperation and Communication Office

Translated by Yang Xin; edited by Zhen Yanhua

Time:2014--7-13 13:36:01 Click:1,648

Approved by the Ministry of Education and Provincial Department of Education, HUST recruits 12 international graduate students of governmental scholarship and 10 international students of Heilongjiang provincial scholarship in 2014, according to theNotice on the Number of 2014∕15 Chinese Governmental Scholarshipissued by the Ministry of Education and theNotice on 2014∕15 International Students Admission Scheme of Heilongjiang Provincial Scholarshipissued by Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education. The 14 international graduate students coming from Ukraine, Mongolia, Pakistan, Yemen, South Korea etc. major in Computer Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Software Engineer, Applied Chemistry, Technology Economy and Management, Accounting, Business Management. The other 8 overseas students from South Korea, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen etc. are in the specialty of International Chinese Education for bachelor’s degrees. The Letters of admission are given out, and the work of recruitment are finished successfully. Now we comes to the next step of fostering and administration.

Through this recruitment, we accumulate valuable exprience on recruiting propaganda and broadening channels for high-quality students. It lays a solid foundation for next year rucruitment. We sincerely hope that our professors can recruit excellent foreign students by themselves, improving the educational level and promoting the process of internationalization, and make great contribution to the education of international students.

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