HUST Successfully Hosted the 28th “Hengxing” University Cultural and Art Festival, and the “Hengtong Cup” Top Ten Singers Competition

In order to thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit ofthe20th CPC National Congress,toimprove students’ comprehensive cultural quality andtocreate afavorablecampus cultural atmosphere, the opening ceremony of the 28th“Hengxing”UniversityCultural and ArtFestival inHarbinUniversity ofScience andTechnology and the“Hengtong Cup”Top Ten Singers Competition on campus were held at 18: 00 on April 21st. Guo Jiali, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committeeof HUST, Sun Shuhai, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Li Yan, Director of Human Resources and Administration at Hengtong Telecom Guomai Company, along with more than 500 students, attended the event, whichwas simultaneously live-streamed through the “Ligong Youth” video platform and the “School of Electrical Engineering ofHarbinUniversity ofScience andTechnology ” Tik Tok platform, attracting 26,000 online viewers from the entire university, with over 80,000 likes for the event.

The opening ceremony of the 28thHengxingUniversityCultural and ArtFestival

The 28th "Hengxing" College Student Cultural and Art Festival, themed “Nurturing Patriotism, Cultivating Enterprising Character,” aims to promote aesthetic education and cultural development among our young students. It seeks to show the shared aspirations of our university’s youth with the times and the country, as they embrace a sense of national pride and strive to realize their dreams. The festival aims to make the “Da Heng Spirit”, characterized by loyalty to the country, dedication to science, indifference to fame and fortune, and the pursuit of excellence and progress, shine as a constant star in the spiritual realm of our young studentsat HUST.

Lively atmosphere

The opening ceremony of this year’s festival, along with the “Hengtong Cup” Competition, washostedby the Youth League Committee andorganizedby the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The event was divided into three musical chapters, which focused on promoting the study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and themed educational activities, inspiring students to strive,andexpressing their youth ideals. The Campus Top Ten Singers Competition started on March 29th, and after fierce competition among 79 contestants in the semi-finals from various colleges, a total of 16 finalists from 11 colleges across the university made it to the final round. This year’s event also introduced the “Hengxing” original lyric competition and a joint chorus performance by teachers and students, enriching campus cultural activities and serving the comprehensive development of youth.

Han Lina from the School of Architecture and Engineering, Wang Ziyi from theSchool of Foreign Languages, Li Shengrui from the Youth League Committeeof HUST, Li Fang from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Wang Bing from the Harbin Normal University School of Music were invited to serve as judges for the campus singing competition.


Guo Jiali, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the school, and LiYan,Director of Human Resources and Administration at Hengtong Telecom Guomai Company, presented awards to the first prize winners

This year’s opening ceremony of the Arts Festival, along with the “Hengtong Cup” Top Ten Campus Singers Competition, actively provided a platform for young students to show their talents and express themselves, calling on students to display their youthful charm and sing the songs of youth. The students of our university will continue to be guided by the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, strive with determination, forge ahead with enthusiasm, and embark on a new journey with great vigor, contributing their youthful energy to the high-quality anddeveloping ouruniversityto its full potential. (Photos by: New Media CenterofUniversity Party Committee Publicity Department, Youth League Committeeof HUST, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

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