President of Russian Ural Federal University Visited our University and Signed an Inter-school Cooperation Agreement

On the afternoon of April 18th, President Viktor Koksharov and his groupfromthe Ural Federal Universityvisitedour university. President Liu Xia and Vice President Chen Qingguo met the guests in the second conference room ofouruniversity. Mr. Cvik, the Third Secretary of the Russian Consulate General in Harbin, accompanied thisvisit, and theofficialsfromthe Department of International Cooperation and Exchange and Department of Science and Technology, and related personnel of the school attended the meeting.

On behalf of the university,LiuXia first welcomed President Koksharov and Mr. Cvik, and introduced the school’s historical,educationalcharacteristics and international cooperation, as well as the cooperation with Russian universities in student exchange, joint training, scientific research cooperation and humanities exchanges. He pointed out that under the guidance of the national strategy, the school actively carried out in-depth cooperation with Russian universities and academic institutions to seize opportunities and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. In the future,hehopesto actively build a cooperation and exchange platform based on the strengths of both universities, jointly apply international scientific and technological cooperation projects, and take the bilateral exchange and collaboration to new heights.

President Kokscharov extended his gratitude for the invitation from our university and expressed agreement with President Liu Xia’s proposals for cooperation. The two universitieshavesimilar histories and disciplines,andhavebroad prospects for cooperation in various fields. He pointed out that in March of this year, during President Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia, PresidentXiand President Putin signed a joint statement emphasizing the need to deepen China-Russian educational cooperation, particularly encouraging university collaboration. Today’smeeting is the implementation of the joint statement by the two universities. Subsequently, President Kokscharov introduced the history of Ural Federal University, its disciplinary advantages, research collaborations, and joint education programs, expressing the hope that both sides can enrich the scope of cooperation. Building on the existing foundation of cooperation, he proposed expanding student exchanges, initiating joint education programs, facilitating exchanges of research personnel, and jointly applying for scientific and technological cooperation projects.

Mr. Cvik thanked our school forthecare andassistanceto Russian students during the pandemic. He said that the Russian Consulate General in Harbin would strongly support the educational cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries and provide consular certification and visa services for both sides.

After themeeting, President LiuXia and President Koksharov jointly signed the inter-institutional cooperation agreement.Bothsides agreed to exchange a list of cooperation projects in the near future, speed up the cooperation process and organize researchers in related fields to carry out exchanges according to specific contents.(Photo: Geng Hongjie)

PresidenLiu t Xia attended the meeting and delivered a speech

President Koksharovgave a speech

Mr. Cvikgave a speech

The two sides signed a cooperation agreement

Meetingbetween representatives of the two sides

Group photo of representatives of both sides

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