Good News! Contestants of Our University Had Great Success in the 2023 North China Regional Competition of “FLTRP· ETIC Cup” National English Debating Competition

From April 7th to 8th, the semi-finals of the 25th“FLTRP·ETIC Cup”National English Debating Competition came to a close. Representatives from 84 universities in 5 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in North China gathered online to compete. Representing our university, Gao Lan from Class 20-1 of the School of Foreign Languages and Zeng Yuyu from Class 20-1 of the School of Science won the third prize in the region.

Since its founding in 1997,“FLTRP·ETIC Cup”National English Debating Competition has become a high-standard and large-scale event. For three consecutive years, it has been included in the“China University Innovation Talent Cultivation and Discipline Events Rankings”released by the Higher Education Society of the Ministry of Education. The emphasis on educational outcomes through competition has received recognition in the academic community. Focusing on current affairs, the competition topics cover various disciplines and are closely related to debaters’lives. It not only tests the debaters’English proficiency but also places high demands on their knowledge, value judgment, critical thinking, improvisation, mentality, and teamwork, effectively guiding students to cultivate cultural confidence and enhance their spiritual strength through thoughtful thinking and debating.

In this year’s competition, all participating teams went through 5 round-robin matches, with 4 teams participating in each round. Our debaters competed with students from other universities such as Northeast Normal University, Tianjin University, and Dalian University of Technology. Faced with strong opponents, the two students made meticulous preparation and researched the debate topics before the competition. On the stage, they responded quickly and argued logically. The debate topics were announced 15 minutes before each match, and each participant had 7 minutes to present their viewpoints based on their stance and the content of the debate topic. After each round, the judges provided feedback and evaluation.

Prior to this competition, our university held the campus selection competition for the“FLTRP·ETIC Cup”National English Debating Competition. The Department of Educational Administration and the School of Foreign Languages set great store to this event. With the strong support from the Department of Educational Administration and the the university leaders, the Network English Club hosted thiscompetition. Over 30 participants from various colleges of our university competed in the preliminary and final rounds. The list of winners for the university competition is as follows:


Gao Lan and Zeng Yuyu


Lan Chenxi, Li Jinge


Zeng Li, Wang Xiangyi, Zhao Xuxi, Zheng Zhaoxu


Zhou Haoquan, Yang Kexin, Li Haoxuan, Ma Xingang, Du Wenli, Wang Jingyi, Dong Hui, Wu Hanjie, Zhao Yichen, Cui Haijing.

Screenshot of regionalcompetition

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