Teaching Notes Exhibition of Veteran Teachers

Teaching Notes Exhibition of VeteranTeachers

By Cheng Ying;Updated:2022-10-10 20:57:33

Translated by Yang Yuanyuan;Edited by Kang Xiaoyun, Pangbaokun


On October 10 at 8:30 a.m., HUST held an unveiling ceremony for the exhibition of veteran teachers' teaching notes with the theme of "inheriting the spirit of Daheng and showing loyalty to the Party" in the hall on the ground floor of the main teaching building. The purpose of this exhibition is to welcome the successfully convening of the 20th Party Congress, to carry forward the spirit of theveteran teachers.Furthermore, it is also important to encourage students in HUST to bear the responsibility of national rejuvenation in the new era. The exhibition drew a huge crowd as many people including Zhao Lin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Guo Gali, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Zhongxue, Vice President of HUST, Wang Guangzhao, the representative of theveteranteachers and once awarded "Nationwide Prominent Teacher" and Yu Huili, an "DistinguishedTeachersof Heilongjiang(1st session)". The ceremony was hosted by Liu Di, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and head of thePublicityDepartment.

At the ceremony, Zhao Lin and Wang Guangzhao,84, who is the representative of theveteranteachers and once awarded "Nationwide Prominent Teacher", unveiled the Teaching Notes Exhibition. Guo Gali delivered a speech on behalf of the Party Committee of HUST. Vice President Yang Zhongxue introduced the collection of teaching notes and the preparation of the exhibition.

Professor Yu Huili spoke on behalf of the veteran teachers. Shelookedbackher 46 years of teaching experience and felt immense pride and joyforthe development and achievements ofHUST. She said that teacheris an honourable and sacredjoband there is nothing happier thanfinding the progress and success of students. She hopedthatHUST will growbetter and better ...... Ifshe wereneeded, she woulddefinitely continue to contribute toHUST.

Professor Yu has witnessed the growth and development ofHUSTwith her own uncomplaining actions and has contributed to the development ofHUSTand the success of the students, dedicating her youthful years.Through this exhibition, teachers and students once again felt theamiable and respectable of theveteranteachers ofHUST. They have been working hard for decades and have dedicated their most precious years to education. After their retirement, they are still concerned about the development of the university and thedevelopmentof young teachers, and today they are presenting their teaching notes, which they have treasured for many years, for young teachers to study and learn from. Although these notes are yellowing, the handwriting on the pages is neat, the drawings are clear, and each "annotation" is full of moving stories between the lines. The handouts, written in pen, reflect their meticulous research spirit in every word and their rigorous and realistic attitude in every stroke.

The event was jointly organized by the Party Publicity Department, the Retired Party Committee and the Teachers' Work Department. The Student Affairs Department, the Teaching Affairs Office, Postgraduate Office, the Personnel Office and other relevant functional departments, representatives of veteran teachers, young teachers and student representatives attended the event.

After the unveiling ceremony, university leaders, guests and representatives of teachers and students visited the exhibition on site.

We all knowthat the collection of old teachers' teaching notes was launched in March this year and several meetings was held, covering 636 party members and 1424 veteran teachers, a total of 2060 people. It took more than three months to collect the teaching notes of 17 veteran teachers since the early days of HUST.There were manyvaluable manuscripts ofveteran teachers, includingTang Chuanlin, the late Harbin Model Worker and former Secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Electric Collage, Zhang Xiaohong, the late "National March-eight Red-banner Pacesetter", Fu Yunpeng, the State Council Government Allowance recipient, Wang Guangzhao, the "NationalProminentTeacher", and Yu Huili,an "Distinguished Teachers of Heilongjiang(1st session)", Du Kunmei, a provincial"Merit Teacher" and other advanced figures who have worked in the front line of teaching and research. (Photos by Geng Hongjie)

School leaders and guests attend the unveiling of the Teaching Notes Exhibition

Zhao Lin (left), Secretary of the Party Committee of HUST, and Professor Wang Guangzhao (right), a representative of veteran teachers and a "National Prominent Teacher", now 84 years old, unveil the Teaching Notes Exhibition

Guo Galli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, delivers a speech on behalf of the school

Vice PresidentYang Zhongxue introduces the collection of veteran teachers' teaching notes and preparations for the event.

Professor Yu Huili, 78, speaks on behalf of the veteran teachers

Liu Di, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Head of the Publicity Department, presides over the ceremony

University leaders and guests visit the Teaching Notes Exhibition

Students and teachers visit the Teaching Notes Exhibition

A group photo of university leaders, veteran teacher representatives and students

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