Our Students Won Breakthrough Awards in the 2020 American College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling

By Yu Haiyang from School of Science

Translated by Yang Xin; edited by Pang Baokun

Time: 2020-05-25 21:16:51   Click: 51

The results of 2020 MCM/ICM were announced recently. Our students from Software College, Guo Xinyu and Yan Mingzhi from Electrical Science18-2 , and Cui Chuting from Microelectronics18-2, have won the ICM Award of Finalist Winner. The award of Finalist Winner was created in 2010, which was the award between Outstanding Winner and Meritorious Winner. Only 1% to 3% of the competitors can win the F prizes globally this year. This is a historic breakthrough made by our students in this competition.

2020 American College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling attracted 20948 teams of 1488 colleges and universities in more than 20 countries and regions in the world. A total of 32 teams from our university successfully participated in the competition. The teams from our university won 1 Finalist award, 4 Meritorious Winner awards, 7 Honorable Mention awards, and 20 Successful Participant awards. They got excellent results, and the awards took up 37.5% of our total participants.  

Excellent results not only come from the unremitting efforts of the teachers and students, but also from their determination and perseverance in conquering difficulties. It reflects the improvement of our university students in the aspects of theoretical level and application ability.

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