HUST Held Student Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony

Translated byLei Junguang;Edited byXu Dan, Pangbaokun

Today we say goodbye to our friends, classmates, teachers, and pursue a better future. At 14:00 PM, June 10, the 2022 student graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony was held both online and offline, with the main venue set up at the Gymnasium of school's West Campus and the sub-venue at Rongcheng Campus. The ceremony broadcast live simultaneously through an online platform. All school leaders, members of the School Degree Assessment Committee, heads of all functional departments, deans of all schools, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, supervisor representatives, and all counselors were present at the main venue and witnessed 2022 graduates successfully completing their studies and embarking on a new journey. The graduation ceremony was presided over by GuoJiali, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee.

Before the commencement, graduate representatives expressed their best wishes to their alma mater and teachers through a video. Graduation class counselors took the stage to sing the song “Those Flowers” for all 2022 graduates. Faculty representatives also sent good wishes to the 8199 graduates through the video.

In the solemn sound of the national anthem, the graduation ceremony officially began. Vice President Chen Qingguo read out the decisions of awarding degrees to doctoral, master's students and undergraduate students. Sun Shuhai, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Inspector, read out the decision to commend the top ten graduates and outstanding graduates. Party Committee Secretary Zhao Lin presented the award to the “2022 Top Ten Graduates of HUST” and carefully selected handwritten book inscriptions for the top ten graduates.

At the graduation ceremony, all school leaders, members of school degree assessment committee, and supervisor representatives turned the tassel for representatives of doctoral, master and undergraduate graduates and took group picture with them.

Principal Liu Xia gave the “last class on ideology and politics” for all 2022 graduates at the ceremony. First of all, on behalf of all teachers, students and faculty of school, he expressed his heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the 7302 undergraduates, 881 master's students, 9 doctoral students and 7 international students.

Liu Xia pointed out that the most vivid memory you have in HUST is what you share your destiny with your motherland. From the 70th anniversary ceremony of the founding of New China to the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China; from the comprehensive victory over poverty alleviation to major strategic achievements in the fight against the epidemic; from the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the launch of Shenzhou14, you have experienced multiple historic moments in the development of our cause.The most vivid memory you have in HUST is that you and your alma mater are developing and making progress together.You have experienced that our university has been selected as a “double first-class” university construction point in Heilongjiang province. Three of our majors entered the ESI top 1% in the world; You experienced the school's 70th anniversary celebration, the 4th Party Congress which drew a blueprint for our future development; You witnessed the continuous breakthroughs in the school's high-level talent projects and honorary titles; and you felt the heart-warming project brought to you by the school's largest construction plan of teaching building and living area renovation. The every single achievement of the university was made by countless HUSTers.The most vivid memory you have in HUST is to be diligent. Never slacken. Always work hard.Over years of life in HUST, you have been diligent and rigorous, seeking truth and self-improvement, unity and progress, being pragmatic and innovative. With practical actions, you have carried out the “Daheng Spirit”, honed the responsibility of young people and achieved the dream of youth. Your achievements are just as dazzling as the stars.

Liu Xia stressed that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China. President Xi said at the celebration, “The times have always endowed young people with historical responsibilities. The strength, vitality, and creativity of the youth have always been a mighty force that drives our nation forward against all challenges and enables it to stand tall among the nations of the world.” As young people who were born in the 1990s and 2000s, you chose this chapter to enter the history stage in such a gorgeous way, and you will carry the heavy responsibility with your bear arms.”

In the end, Liu Xia, as the president of school, gave a few tips to the students: First, to be patriotic, thoughtful, purposeful, and responsible. As the youth of HUST, we must cultivate patriotism, strengthen the will to build the country, and practice to serve the country. We must also take responsibility, display grit in times of crisis, surmount all difficulties, and act courageously in the waves, show the vigor that the younger generation should have, and contribute HUST wisdom and responsibility to the great rejuvenation of our country!Second, to have self-confidence and clear judgement, act in a virtuous and noble manner, be a young man of HUST who has determination and look at the bigger picture.Facing complex world changes and countless external temptations, we must learn how to discern right and wrong, then stick to the right path, promote moral discipline from our own introspection, and pursue a higher level, and more decent life. We should maintain our determination and self-restraint. We should not only be good at inheriting traditions, but also dare to question authority; not only have the courage to pursue fashion but also have the ability to avoid blindly following other’s footsteps; We should not only see the good sides of others, but also tolerate their mistakes; Egoism can only be regarded as making a living, while altruistic dedication can achieve wonderful career and life!The third is to keep integrity and seek truth, practice their skills hard, and be a HUST young student with a wealth of accumulation, talent, and pragmatism.I urge you to practice lifelong learning until reach the perfection. Graduation does not mean the end of study. Society is another university, and your occupational career is also a course. As a young person, you are born at the right time and have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders. You must enrich your learning, accumulate the skills of life, make extraordinary achievements in ordinary work, and create miracles with perseverance. To dare is to do. Young people are in the “growing period” of their life. They should never give up in life, work hard to overcome the troublesome issue, contribute the HUST wisdom and strength to the main battlefield of economic development, live up to the times, the youth, the ardent expectations of the party and the people, and strive to be the first on the track of national rejuvenation.

At the end of the speech, Liu Xia hopes that all the HUST graduates can still get up early even without the alarm clock, and also remember to check in for work on time; eat less takeout and prepare necessities for home life; play games less and accompany parents more. Finally, even if you don't have a school entrance access, you should often come to your alma mater. No matter where you are, you will always be the solicitude of HUST. May there be love in your heart, light in your eyes, may your advancement never stop, and may your future be magnificent!

Professor Cai Wei, teacher representative from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 6th National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent, winner of “Longjiang Model” honorary title, team leader of Heilongjiang Touyan team, shared his experience of studying and growing up as a HUST alumnus. He said that only through cooperation and hard work can we keep pace with the times and the world. Your parents, your schools, and your country spend time and money to cultivate you. You should prepare to work for 50 years or even a life-long period healthily. Whether it is for your own small family or our country, please pay special attention to your health and cherish your life! HUST is your home, please visit frequently. There are many opportunities in the future, remember to seize them tightly, and share your achievements with your teachers. Wish you a happy graduation. Remember to be an enterprising HUST student forever!

Meng Liwei, representative of graduate students, 2019 student of Russian language and literature at the school of foreign languages, said in her speech that during her seven years of studying in HUST, she had the honor to grow up with her alma mater and witnessed the changes of the school's environment and conditions. After graduation, I became a counsellor in HUST. No matter where I am, I will always stick to my original inspirations and dream, stay alert at all times, refuse temptation, endure loneliness, withstand hardships, start from the ordinary, grow up in practical work, and move forward against the wind and rain.

"We have constantly improved ourselves in book knowledge and practice. During the four years of college, our classrooms, libraries, dormitories and playgrounds were filled with laughter and sweat."Qiao Miao, representative of undergraduate graduates from Rongcheng college, class 1 grade 2018, International economics and trade of Rongcheng School District, said in her speech. We will, for sure, remember and practice the motto of HUST, and try our best on the new track of our life.

After the commencement, in the singing of "the intersection of phoenix flowers", all school leaders and teachers stood up and applauded to see off the 2022 graduates, who will walk to a new stage of life.

Photographers: Geng Hongjie, Sui ran, Zhou Guanqiao

Graduation ceremony

Raise the national flag and sing the national anthem

Party Committee Secretary Zhao Lin presented the award to the “2022 Top Ten Graduates of HUST” and carefully selected handwritten book inscriptions for the top ten graduates.

President Liu xia gives speech on the graduation ceremony.

Deputy secretary of CPC GuoJiali holds the ceremony.

Vice President Chen Qingguo reads out the decisions of degree awarding for doctoral, master's and undergraduate students.

Sun Shuhai, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and supervisor, reads out the decision on Commending the top ten graduates and outstanding graduates.

Teacher representative Cai Wei delivers a speech.

Representative of graduate students MengLiwei delivers a speech.


Representative of undergraduate students Qiao Miao delivers a speech.

All school leaders, members of school degree assessment committee, and supervisor representatives turned the tassel for representatives of doctoral, master and undergraduate graduates and took group picture with them.

Leaders of HUST sit in the front.

Counselorsfrom graduate classes sing the song "Those Flowers" on the stage.

Graduation ceremony

Rongcheng parallel session

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