HUST Held a Video Conference on the 70th Anniversary of University

On the afternoon of May 27, Lu Yan,deputy partysecretary ofHUST, presided over a video conference on the work of the 70th anniversary of the University. The president, secretary anddeputysecretary of each college, the staff of RongchengCollege, the celebration office and the recruitment and employmentdepartmentattended theconference.

At the meeting, deputy secretaryLu Yan,report onthe current situation of epidemic prevention and control,andmade arrangements for all colleges to carry out the preparation work of theuniversity anniversary celebrationbothonline and offline. She stressed that all colleges should further strengthen organizational leadership, formulate plans, implement them well, equip specific staff, and widely mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, students and alumni. First,we shouldcontact alumni extensively, collect and sort out alumni information, and establish alumni organizations.Second, every college shouldcarry out special activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of theuniversity. Third, it is suggested that teachers, students and alumni help the development of theuniversityand carry out online and offline donation. Fourth, we should create a cultural atmosphere for the 70th anniversary of theuniversityand do a good job inpromotion of the university celebration.

At the meeting, the staff of alumni office introduced two ways of donation online and offline. At present, theuniversityeducation development foundation has completed the mobile terminal constructionof"online donation platform", which can be viewed through the official accountsofWeChat“Harbin University of Science and Technology Alumni Association”and “Harbin University of Science and Technology”. In addition, through theuniversityeducation development foundation, each college can set up offline donation projects such as the construction of joint laboratories, and propose the outstanding alumni, class groups and enterprise groups to donate with love, and actively support the development ofuniversity and collegeeducation.

In the end, Lu Yan pointed out that during the epidemicperiod, theuniversityand all departments overcame various difficultiesandcontinuedthe preparatory work.The alumni cared much about our university and they donated a great many resources of anti epidemic materials, which reflected the responsibility ofthealumni of HUST and their deep feelings towards theAlma mater.As the countdown to the 100th anniversary of theuniversityis approaching, Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the Partycommittee, put forward the requirements for the next stage of the work: first, we need to enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, and each should take his own responsibility and take the initiative. Second, we need to enhance the ability to turn hazards into opportunities. Third, we should plan carefully and take the initiative to create a strong atmosphere ofuniversitycelebration. Each college should take the 70th anniversary as an opportunity, combine the construction of high-level universities and advantageous disciplines, increase the close contactamong variousdisciplines and alumni and cooperative enterprises, and make positive contributions to the development of theuniversity. (universitycelebration Office)

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