Two Groups and Eight Teachers from HUST Won Awards of Outstanding Groups and Individuals in 2019

Executive Editor:Chen Ying

Translated by:Xu Dan Edited by:Ma Yanhui

Incommemoration ofthe 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 35th Teacher’s Day,forpromotion ofthe tradition of respecting teachers and emphasizing education, andforenhancement ofthe sense of honor and responsibility of teachers and educators, the selection of outstanding groups and individuals in the provincial education system, outstanding groups and individuals demonstrating teachers’ ethics, and accomplished teachers and educators in the education system of the province was launched by Human Resources and Social Security Department of Heilongjiang Province and the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province. Two groups and eight teachers from HUST won the awards. School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering won the title of “Outstanding Group in the Provincial Education System in 2019”; School of Material Science and Engineering won the title of “Outstanding Group demonstrating Teachers’ Ethics”. Han Jianhui from School of Computer Science won the title of “Model Teacher of the Province in 2019”; Zhang Yuan from School of Machinery, Hu Jun from School of Science, Luo Zhongming from School of Measurement-Control Technology and Communications Engineering, and Chi Qingguo from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineeringn won the title of “Accomplished Teachers in Heilongjiang Province in 2019” ; Dong Limin from the School of Material Science and Engineering was awarded“Outstanding Educator in Heilongjiang Province in 2019”; Wang Yiwen from the School of Machinery was awarded the title of “Accomplished Educator in the Province in 2019”; Luo Laizhen from the School of Science was awarded the title of “Outstanding Individual Demonstrating Teachers’ Ethnics”.

This selection highlights the distinctive characteristics of HUST in teaching and educating students, reflecting the image of HUST’s teachers in rigorous learning, demonstrating their high moral standards and selfless dedication to work, and setting an example to all teachers. It is hoped that the faculty will take this selection as an opportunity, learn from the examples of these outstanding groups and individuals, carry on the task of instilling morals and cultivating talents, and constantly improve their moral standards and professional skills, so as to make greater contributions to the development of HUST.

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