The Teaching Supervision Group Held a Meeting This Semester

By:Wang Fei From:Higher Education Research and Teaching Assessment Center

Editor in charge: Jin Shengli Edited by:Ma Yanhui

On August 30, the teaching supervision group for undergraduates held the first teaching supervision meeting this semester in room E2019 of the new teaching building. Chief Director Meng Dawei, Deputy Chief Director, Cui Yuxiang, other members of the undergraduate teaching supervision group, Wu Qiufeng, director of the higher Education Research and Teaching Assessment Center, and related staff attended the meeting, which was presided over by the Chief Director Meng Dawei.

At the meeting, Wu Qiufeng,Director of the Higher Education Research and Teaching Assessment Center, first fully recognized the work of the supervision group last semester, and then gave constructive suggestions on the shortcomings in the supervision process. After that, Director Wu arranged the work of this semester: first, it is obligatory to further improve the supervision system and mechanism, strengthen the supervision team, and build the authority of the supervisors. Second, it is necessary to implement the advanced educational concepts of “student-centered” and “continuous improvement of teaching quality”. In the process of supervision, the supervision group should embody the idea of professional certification of engineering education. The index system should not only reflect “effective teaching”, but also “effective learning”, so that “evaluation and supervision of teaching” should be transformed into “evaluation and supervision of learning”. Third, it is crucial to revise and perfect the evaluation index system of classroom teaching, and complete the revision of the classroom teaching evaluation index system successfully under the new concept and new requirements.

Meng Dawei, on behalf of the undergraduate teaching supervision group, thanked the school for its support for the work of the undergraduate teaching supervision group. He stressed that the supervision work this semester should closely adhere to the timetable to connect with the actual teaching agenda of the school and adhere to strict requirements. He emphasized that the supervision “shouldbeforceful”,and should guarantee the quality of supervision. In addition, the supervision needs to produce practical results by analyzing and summarizing the specific problems that occurred in the process of supervision last semester. The other members of the delegation had a heated and constructive discussion on the relevant issues. The meeting successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere.

Themeeting in progress

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