The 35thTeacher’s Day Celebrationand the “Lifetime Honorary Professor” and “Student's Favorite Teacher” Commendation ConferenceHeld in HUST

Translated by:Wang Yongqin Edited by:Ma Yanhui

On September 10th, HUST held a commendation ceremony to celebrate the 35th Teacher’s Day and the “Lifetime Honorary Professor” and “Student’s Favorite Teacher” in the lecture hall on the 2nd floor ofTeachingBuilding No.1, WestCampus.

Leaders of HUST—Zhang Hongtao, Zhao Lin, Lu Yan, Wang Zhihao, Guo Erjun, Liu Shenghui, Yao Jun, Liu Xiawere present attheconference.Representatives of retired professors, deputy directors and above cadres, department heads, party branch secretaries, all counselors, teachers andstudent representatives participatedin the meeting.

Ontheconference, Zhang Hongtao,Secretary of theSchoolPartyCommittee, read the commendation decision. The teaching unitwasnominated by the party committee according to the “Notice on the Selection of Lifelong Honorary Professors and Students’ Favorite Teachers of HUST”. The “Lifetime Honorary Professor”wasrecommended by the academic committee, and the “student favorite teacher" votedonline and offline.

Recommended by the School Teaching Steering Committee, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee decided to grant Ren Shanzhi, Tang Yunqi, Li Zhenjia, Guo Jianying, and Lei Qingquan the title of “Lifetime Honorary Professor” of HUST, awarded to Ma Dezhong, Wang Xiaotong, Liu Chang, Li Sizhen,andZhao Huiwith the title of“student favorite teacher”.

President Zhao pointed out that everyone had the joy of “getting talented and talented in the world” and the pride of “the peaches and the plums in the world”. This is the greatest success and happiness of teachers. As for the five “Lifetime Honorary Professors”, their testimony is full of sincere love for the students, deep respect for the cause of education, and deep love for HUST. The five “student favorite teachers” adhere to the fine tradition of Harbin Institute of Technology. They have been adhering to the front line of teaching and educating people for a long time. They are dedicated and fruitful. Love is like a child, selfless dedication, is the “strict teacher and mother” in the students’ mouth; they are talented and humorous, and they are the “male goddess” in the eyes of students. They have made important contributions to the development of HUST.

HUST has determined the direction of work with “double first-class” construction, and creating a good political and academic ecological environment is the key to realizing “double first-class” construction. It is expected that all teachers will improve their quality and ability as their own efforts. To the long-term advocated by HUST, “every people have a noble sentiment with great love, everyone has a professional quality of excellence, everyone has an academic level of perseverance, and everyone has a work style of pragmatic innovation” The standards are constantly working.

President Zhao put forward three hopes to the faculty and staff of HUST. First, we should inherit the “great spirit” and practice the feelings of the family and the country in the heart of the cherished heart. Second, carry forward the noble morality and implement the fundamental task of establishing a moral education society in shaping the soul. Third, we should practice hard skills, in the evangelism and confession.

President Zhao finally stressed that standing on the new starting point of HUST development, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firmly establish the “four consciousnesses”, and always strengthen the “four self-confidences”, bearing in mind “four services”.In the practice of school construction, create new achievements of science and engineering teachers; in the great journey of realizing the Chinese dream, write a new chapter of science and engineering teachers!

Zhang Hongtao,Secretary of the universityPartyCommittee, read out the commendation decision

President Zhao Lin spoke at theconference

Zhang Hongtao,PartySecretary of the university, and President Zhao Lin awardingthe lifetimehonorary professors

President Zhao Lin,Vice President Liu Xia and lifetime honorary professors talking

Student representatives and alumni presentingawards to students’ favorite teachers

School leaders and award-winning professors

The conferencein progress

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