HUST Holding Educational Deployment Conference Themed“RemainingTrue to Original Aspiration and KeepingMission Firmly in Mind

Translated by:Guan Ning Edited by:Ma Yanhui

To implement the spirit of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Provincial Party Committee on the educational campaign themed “RemainingTrue to Original Aspiration and KeepingMission Firmly in Mind”, HUST held educational deployment conferencewith the sametheme on the morning of September 11thin accordancewiththe arrangement of the7thMobile Instructional Team of the Provincial Party Committee. Allthe Party members, including professors and students, were in the conference held in the lecture hall on the5thfloor of the main building. Present in the conference were Shen Lin, leader of the7thMobile Instructional Team,Vice-Secretary of Party Group in Provincial Department of Education and Provincial Educational Working Committee, Li Dawei,DeputyLeader of the7thMobile Instructional Team, full-time member of the Review Committee of Provincial Court(deputy director-level), Li Jifeng,Director-levelInspector of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, Yang Lixia,AdministrativeResearcher of Public Servants 2nd Office in the organization department of Provincial Party Committee, Xia Tian,Head of the Communist Youth League in the organization department of Provincial Party Committee, Jiang Jiaqi,ProbationalResearcher of Economic and Informational Department of Provincial Information Center. In the conference were also all the leaders of HUST, cadres of deputy director and those above that, all secretaries of the Party branch in HUST, members of the Theme Education Leading Team and Mobile Instructional Team. Each second level party organization set a branch conference in their own office and watch live video through the internet. Zhang Hongtao, Party committee secretary of HUST, gave a speech of mobilization; Shen Lin spoke on behalf of the 7th Mobile Instructional Team. The conference was hosted by HUST president Zhao Lin.

In his speech, Zhang Hongtao said that HUST Party Committee has established a leading team for the education themed“Remain True to Original Aspiration and Keep Mission Firmly in Mind” and made an implementation plan for it. All the cadres of HUST Party Committee must raise their political consciousness, correctly grasp the meanings, goals and requirements of the themed education. General secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech in the“Remain True to Original Aspiration and Keep Mission Firmly in Mind” themed education conference makes the fundamental principle and programmatic document for strengthening the construction of party in the new era; we must completely grasp it and equip our mind with the spirit of the important speech and make sure the spirit is spread thoroughly. He said that carrying out the “Remain True to Original Aspiration and Keep Mission Firmly in Mind” themed education satisfies the urgent requirement of equipping the whole party with the thought of general secretary Xi Jinping about communism with Chinese characteristic in the new era, of promoting the construction of party in the new era, of keeping the close bond between the party members and Chinese people, and of realizing the goals and tasks set in the 19th CPC National Congress. He said that we also view the themed education as the strong drive for the modernization of education, the construction of education to build our country stronger, and the establishment of a education pattern that satisfies the people’s need; besides, it is an important opportunity for promoting the speed development of each program in HUST. Therefore, we must view this themed education as an essential political task, strengthen our sense of responsibility in carrying out it, actively engage in it, and truly implement the spirit of“Remain True to Original Aspiration and Keep Mission Firmly in Mind”.

Comrade Shen Lin pointed out that according to the unified deployment of the central and provincial party committee, the second round of“Remain True to Original Aspiration and Keep Mission Firmly in Mind” themed education in our province has been fully initiated. Our provincial party committee set up 9 mobile instructional team to facilitate the second round of themed education carried out in relevant party committee of city and university level. The 7th Mobile Instructional Team is assigned to instruct HUST in this themed education. On behalf of the Team, he gave three suggestions: first, party members need to raise the political awareness and closely connect their thoughts and actions with the decisions and deployment of the central and provincial committee; second, party members should be aware of their goals and tasks, make an overall plan for the promoting of the four important measures; third, HUST leaders need to strength their leading ability to ensure a fruitful themed education.

President Zhao Lin raised three requirements in his speech: first, the spirit of the conference must be spread, learned and implemented swiftly; second, the themed education needs to be carried out with high standard and quality; third, the themed education should be closely connected with the central tasks of deepening comprehensive reform and promoting constructions for a better university. With this opportunity, we should, in accordance with the striving goals for the 13th Five-Year Plan, the salient problems, 7 aspects and 30 important tasks concluded in the cadres conference at the beginning of this semester, establish the administrative system and mechanism, implement the construction of “double-excellent university” in an all-around way, further improve the cultivation quality of the talents, solve the problems in the history, sustainably promote the construction of a high level university with a persistent striving spirit and stronger working enthusiasm, presenting an excellent result as the gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s republic of China as well as the establishment of our university.

HUSTholdingeducationalconference ofdeploymentthemed “RemainingTrue to Original Aspiration and KeepingMission Firmly in Mind”

Shen Lin,Leader of the7thMobile Instructional Team,speaking at theconference

Li Dawei,Full-time Member of the Review Committee of Provincial Court (deputy director-level),presentattheconference

Zhang Hongtao,Party Committee Secretary of HUST,giving aspeech on mobilization

President Zhao Linhosting theconference

Conferencein progress

Conferencein progress

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