The 568th President Work Meeting on Staff’s Livelihood Affairs Held in HUST

Translated by:Yang XinEdited by:Liu Xiuming

On the morning of September 17,HUST held the 568th president work meeting discussing the affairs related to the staff's livelihoods and the distributions of holiday consolation products.On the meeting, reports concerning the university staff union funds (staff’swelfares)were made and the scopes, principles, standards and procurement modes of the staffunion expenses were discussed.

It was pointed out that the staff's livelihood was among the most important issues, which HUST Party Committee would have topay greatattention to.Protecting theirrights and better meeting their needs were the premisesand the guaranteesin the promotion of the higher quality development of the university. At present, the standard of HUST's inclusive welfare distribution ranked among thefirst in provincial colleges and universities, which enhanced the staff’shappiness and senses of belongings.All HUST schools and departments were asked to continue placing staff's livelihood affairsin important positions by taking the direct and practical affairs that the faculties concerned about mostas working centers. The meeting expected that by doing good deeds and practical work, HUST presidents and deans of schools and departments should try their best to help solve the difficulties that the staff might have met in their lives.

The meeting emphasized that the university staff union, schools and departments should consult the faculty and staff extensively before they were able to make a finaldecision on the catalogue of festival consolation products.To ensure the timely and successful delivering of welfares before the National Day,they would have toface and overcome difficulties to be met in the changes of procurement methods and successfully accomplish the procurement of goods as soon as possible by coordinating well with the relevant departments and business companies.

The meeting pointed out that serving the staff wholeheartedly was the starting and ending points of HUST staffunion's destinations.HUST staff union would have to further strengthen its  fundmanagement of revenue and expenditure, increaseits fundexpenditure moderately on the basis of the laws and regulations, and further improve the staff's senses of acquisition, happiness and belonging.It was very necessary to explore,implement and deepen HUST's secondary-level managements,inspire the enthusiasm ofHUST staffunionmembers, and meet the staff's individual needs moreprecisely.Supervision and guidance should be strengthened to ensure that the staff unions of all levels carry out their work in accordance with laws and regulations.Only in this way could they serve the union members of the whole university and benefit the staff better by means ofthe achievements HUST had made.

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