HUST’s Application of 2019 National Natural Science Foundation of China Comes to the End

By Zhang YingfromDivision of Science and Technology

Translated by Wu Fei; edited by Pang Baokun

Theapplicationof 2019 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in our university has been completed in the past few days. Compared with last year, 41 more projects areapplied, increasing 23.4%, which hits the record number in the history of our university.

The projects are categorized into the following groups, including 112 general projects, 98 youth fund projects, 2 collaborative fund projects, 1 science foundation project for outstanding youth,and1 research project for major scientific instrument. According to the divisions accepted by the fund committee, there are 118 projects under the Department of Engineering and Materials Science, 44 projects under the Department of Information Science, 18 projects under the Department of Management, 16 projects under the Department of Mathematics and Physics, 16 projects under the Department of Chemistry, 1 project under the Department of Earth Science, and 1 project under the Department of Life Science. The declaration in each school is as follows: 36 projectsfromthe School of Materials, 32 projectsfromthe School of Electrics, 24 projectsfromthe School of Mechanics, 22 projectsfromthe School of Science, 19 projectsfromthe School of Chemical Engineering, 16 projectsfromthe School of Economics and Management, 14 projectsfromthe School of Architecture, 12 projectsfromthe School of Measurement and Telecommunications, 11 projectsfromthe School of Computer, 11 projectsfromthe School of Software, and 3 projectsfromRongchengCollege.

The projectapplicationof 2019NSFCin our university initiated from September, 2018. With close cooperation betweenDepartmentof Science and Technology, advancedplanning and effective mobilization, teachers are highly devoted into the preparation with unprecedented initiatives. In order to improve the quality of Project Report, each school held meeting according to the requirement of our university, and the assessment panel of each school posed relevant suggestions on further revision for each Project Report. During 5th to 6th, March,Departmentof Science and Technology held a seminar concerning ProjectApplicationof 2019NSFC. Several winners of the foundation were invited as the experts to give instructions for the applicants. 43 applicants made speechesand explanations on their Project Report. The experts made comments from the perspective of subject selection, basis of project establishment, research contents, technical route and scheme, and summary of key scientific problems, with a lot of valuable suggestions for writing and revision of the Project Report.

Each individual division of NSFC committee will have a preliminary examination on the Project Reports submitted by relevantschools. The result of examination will be publicized at the beginning of May, and then the re-examination applicationwill start. Applicants should keep timely attention on it.

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