First Congress of HUST Communist Youth League Held Successfully

By Zhang Qi, Zhou JiaqiExecutive Editor: Yin Ming, Liu Shengyan

From: HUSTCommunist Youth League

Translated by: Xu DanEdited by: Ma Yanhui

At 9 o’clock, January 10th,with the play of national anthem and League song, the first Congress of HUST Communist Youth Leagueopenedat the Lecture Hall on the 5th floor of MainBuilding. Present at the meeting were Secretary of Communist Youth League(CYL)of Heilongjiang Province Yuan Fangjiang, Party Secretary of CPC HUST Zhang Hongtao, President of HUST Zhou Hongli, Vice Party Secretaries of CPC HUST Lu Yan and Wang Zhihao, Vice Presidents of HUSTGuo Erjun, Yang Chun,Fang Wenbin, Liu Shenghui, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Yao Jun. Shi Bo, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Youth League of Heilongjiang Province, Secretary of theYouthLeagueorganizationof Harbin Engineering University, together with members of HUST Party Department, also attended the opening ceremony and took seatsat the rostrum. Representatives from 16 brotherly provincialuniversitiesin charge of university youth league work,HUSTParty Secretaries,deputy secretaries (deputy deans) and some representatives of teachers and students also attended the meeting. 48 colleges,universitiesand youth league organizations, includingyouth league organizationsof Tsinghua University and Shandong University, sent congratulatory letters. The opening ceremony was presided by Jiang Guoyu, Secretary of HUST Youth League. With youth dream, stronguniversitydream and Chinese dream, 291 delegatesattendedthe conference with joy and excitement, reviewingthe past andplanning ahead forthe future.

At the opening ceremony, Yuan fangjiang, Secretary of Communist Youth League of Heilongjiang Province, extended his warm congratulation to the convening of the conferenceon behalf of the Communist Youth League of Heilongjiang Province. He said that the Communist Youth League of HUST, by firmly taking primary responsibility, being pragmatic and innovative, had carried out a lot of fruitful work. Communist Youth League of HUST took the lead in cultivating young Marxists throughout the country, and in piloting the second classroom transcript in provincial colleges and universities. After the 19th National Congress, it set up the association for Studying Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. For two consecutive sessions, Communist Youth League of HUST successfully hostedProvincial University Students "Challenge Cup" competition for extracurricular academic, scientific and technological works. The story of volunteer teaching group of HUST postgraduates was briefed to provincial party committee and was instructed by Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee. The outstanding organizational performance was also reflected in the activities of "Youth Study".

At the conference, JiangGuoyu, secretary of HUST CYL Committee, delivered a work report entitled Following the Party’s Commands, Pursuing Youth Dreams, Uniting all CommunistYouthLeaguemembers of HUST, Making Contributions to Building High-level Teaching and Research University with Distinctive Characteristics. He concluded the works of HUST in the past five years in areas of guiding through theory, ruling with strict discipline, servinguniversitystudents and promoting overall development.

Subsequently, seven delegations went to conference rooms for group discussions. The scheduled work progressed smoothly with delegates expressing their ideas enthusiastically. After the group discussion, two presidential meetings were held and votes were taken.

The election was followed by the closing ceremony. At the meeting, relevant plans were proposed and approved and a new committee was elected. Lu Yan gave a speech and extended her heartfelt congratulations on the successful completion of the tasks, the smooth approval of relevant resolutions and the election of the First HUST CommunistYouthLeagueCommittee.

During the first plenary session of the first HUST CommunistYouthLeagueCommittee, a standing committee made up of 11 people was elected, with Jiang Guoyu elected as the secretaryofHUST CYL Committee, Cao Shi,Xu Yingying(serving temporary position),Wang Qingping(serving part-time position) and Bi Xuan(serving part-time position) as the vice secretaries.

The CYL Congress is a youth congress, which summarizes past achievements, looks forward to the future, and strives to make further innovations and progress. As has been pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, “a country will prosper only when its young people thrive”. The great era we live in brings with it greater demands on CYL work and students work. Under the leadership of the new HUST Youth League Committee and the Party Committee, and with the help of youth league organizations at higher levels, the Youth League organizations at all levels in HUST will analyze the situation, seize the opportunities, uphold the Party’s leadership, instill morals and cultivate talents. In the process of deepening reform, CYL work and students work will burst with vitality. Efforts will be made to promote the construction of high-level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics, and to write the chapter of youth on the new journey of realizing the national rejuvenation.

(Photography: Youth Media Center of the HUST Youth League Committee)

With the play of national anthem and League song, the congress opens

Yuanfangjiang, Secretary of Communist Youth League of Heilongjiang Province, attending the meeting and deliveringa speech

Zhang Hongtao,PartySecretary of CPC HUST, attending the meeting and deliveringa speech

HUST President Zhou Hongli attending the meeting

Shi bo, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Youth League of Heilongjiang Province, Secretary of the League Committee of Harbin Engineering University, delivering a speech

Liao Jingming, standing vice president of HUST Trade Union, delivering a speech

JiangGuoyu, on behalf of HUST Communist Youth League, delivering a work report

At the meeting

Group discussion and presidential meeting

Taking votes

Taking votes

Lu Yan, Vice Party Secretary of CPC HUST, delivering a speech at the closing ceremony

First plenary session of the first HUST Communist Youth League Committee

Lu Yan,Vice Party Secretary of CPC HUST, attending the meeting and delivering a speech

On behalf of CPC HUST, Zhang Hongtao,Party Secretary of CPC HUST, talking with the newly elected Youth League Committee of HUST

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