HUST Held Seminar on First-Class Undergraduate Education Promotion Plan

---Emancipating Mind & Promoting High-quality Development Serious Report 1

by:Wang Fei;Editor-in-charge:Jin Shengli

Source: Higher Education Research and Teaching Assessment Center

Translated byWei Zhinan;edited byMa Yanhui

On the afternoon of January 3rd,ourschool held a meeting in the second conference room of the main building to implement thepoliciesof the National Education Congress and carry outthe promotionplanfor first-class undergraduateeducation of Harbin University of Science and Technology.PresidentZhou Hongliand Vice-president Liu Shenghui attended the meeting,as well asthe main leaders of the Educational Affairs Office,Higher Education Research and Teaching Assessment Center, thePublicityDepartment of the Party Committee and thevice directorsin charge of teachingincolleges. The meeting was presided over byVice-presidentLiu Shenghui.

First of all, Vice-president Liu Shenghui explained the background, contentsandthemain points of drafting thepromotionplan forfirst-class undergraduateeducation in HUST(hereafter referred to as thepromotionplan). He pointed outthat theschoolwascarrying out discussions on promoting high-quality development of the school. In order to fully implement thepoliciesof higher-level department meetings, and to accurately grasp the essence of General Secretary Xi Jinping’simportant exposition on education,all staff and faculty members shouldimprove the ability of talents in an all-round way,further developundergraduate education andcultivatehigh-level talents. To this end, the school is working out a first-class undergraduate educationpromotionplanin order to promote our undergraduate education in an all-round way.

At the meeting, the main leaders ofthe Educational Affairs Office,Higher Education Research and Teaching Assessment Center and the heads of various teaching units conducted discussions on the specific contents of thepromotionplan, including theguidelines of the plan, the orientation and development goals of the school,the perfection of the teaching honor system, and soforth. The draftingcommitteeof theplan explainedand elaboratedin detail the questions raised by the leaders,revising and modifying the plan accordingly based on the suggestions.

Then,PresidentZhou Hongli made asignificantspeech. He pointed out that undergraduate educationwasthe foundation ofhigher education, and the plan discussed at this meetingwasacrucialmeasure to clarify the key points of undergraduate education in the coming years.He said that institutions of higher learninghadfive functions, of which the mostcriticalwastalent trainingand the opinions and suggestionsraisedon theplanwerenotmerelyaboutthe macro-strategy of undergraduate education, but alsoin relation tothe implementation of specificeducationprogrammes. These suggestionswereofcriticalguiding significance to the future development of education,conducive to the implementation of theplan.

Finally, President Zhou put forward five requirementsbased onthe amendments made by various departments:The first requirement is thathigher educationshould beteacher-oriented,withteaching and scientific researchitstwo wings,both of which aiming at improvingthe quality of educationand promotingthe development oftheschool. Second,all facultyshouldbuild upself-confidence in constructinga first-class undergraduateeducation. Third, the important characteristics oftopuniversitieslie infirst-class undergraduate education. Fourth,the promotionplanisnot only an action plan, but also a reform plan. Fifth, undergraduate educationisthe whole of our school.Although there are manyobstaclesfacing the schools at present, our future is bright.In addition, he stressed that the distinctive characteristics of high-level teaching and research universitiescouldbe builtwith the improvement of economy in Heilongjiang Province, the adjustment of the national higher education policy, and the further advancement of the school reform.(Photoby:XuZhuang)

President Zhou Hongli attended the meeting andmade a speech.

Vice-president Liu Shenghui presided over the meeting.

The meeting in progress

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