Laboratory Safety Conference Was Held in HUST

Translated byKang Xiaoyun; edited byPang Baokun

On the morning of March 21, the conferenceofschool laboratory safety was held in the second meeting room ofTeachingBuilding1. WangZhihao,DeputyPartySecretary of the university,andvice PresidentLiuShenghui attended theconference. Heads of relevant departmentsalsoattended theconference, whichwas presided over bySongQingkun, director of theTeaching Affairs Department.

During theconference,Liu Shenghuiconveyedthe requirements from the document of Heilongjiang SafetyCommitteewhich asked all the departments to learn from the“12 · 26” accidentofBeijingJiaotongUniversityand to ensure the safetyand stability of the province.Healso arranged the laboratory safety inspectionaccording tothe document, and put forward three requirements. First, a three-level safety management system of “school--teachingdepartment--laboratory” should be established. Second, the relevant functional departments should closelyintegratethe laboratory safety withthe responsibilities of the departments, and practically implement thejoint management of thelaboratory safety.Third, keep in mindfour key points.Emphases should be laid on awareness, inspection, implementation and punishment.

Wang zhihaostressed three points. First, alldepartments should convey the document ofHeilongjiangSafetyCommittee timely and improve the awareness of safetyinthe whole school.Second, we shouldrecognize theimportanceof laboratory safety. Third, we will carry out a campaign to screen out potential safety hazards in laboratoriesimmediately and comprehensively.

After the meeting,Liu shenghui signed theLaboratorySafetyResponsibilityAgreementof 2019 with the heads of alldepartments.

The conference

DeputyPartySecretary of the universityWangZhihaoattendingtheconference and raising work requirements

Vice PresidentLiuShenghuiconveying provincial requirements and assigning tasks

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