[I'm a counselor]

Measure the Distance of Loyalty by Footsteps

Originality:Faithinpedestrians. CETV I am a counselor. March 2

Translated byLi Zongyang; edited byMa yanhui



The work of college counselors has been given too much contents, and there will be their presence everywhere in the life of students. The relationship between the protagonist and the students in today's storywill besimilar to that between teachers and friends. He is the most inseparable "Han Brother" for students. He has always been a running dreamer.Opening students’mind and spirit, helping students to set up coordinates in life" is his professional dream. Althoughhavingworked for more than seven years, he has made his youth blossom in the establishment of merits and the cultivation of students. He is Ren Jiawei, a counselor of Harbin University of Science and Technology.


In 2011, Ren Jiawei began to serve as a national defense students’counselor.Since his appointment, he was thinking about how toforgethe "post-90s generation"intoarealman. As Ren Jiawei said, "For national defense students, they must have firm beliefs. Only with firm ideals and beliefs, can they shoulder the responsibility of protecting their country and their country." Heilongjiang has a borderline of more than 3,000 kilometers. Many bordersoldiers alongtheborderline persevere in the task of protecting their homes and defending their country under extremely cold and hard conditions all the year round. So he took the national defense students to practicealongthe most difficult borderline. This practical education work lasted for six years. Ren Jiawei has never taken a complete winter and summer vacation in six years. In more than 60 practices, he led students tomeasure Heilongjiang's 3000 km borderline with footsteps. Over the past few years, he and his students have traveled 20,000 km.

In 2016, Ren Jiawei took over as a full-time counselor for minority students in Harbin University of Technology. Most of his students came from underdeveloped areas. Their cultural background wascomplicated,they have problems intheir communication with classmates and teachers, and the conventional ideological education was noteffective. Inviewof this situation, Ren Jiawei did notflinch. After many investigations, he decided onthe working idea of self-confidence to promote self-improvement, integration.

In order to eliminate the psychological barrier with minority students, he started with companionship,andcarried out "lunch talk" activities,communicating and guidingstudents to solvetheirpractical difficulties. School canteen staffwereafraid ofhispresence, "Ren Jiawei worries about students eatinghabits,urges us to improve the cooking of thedishes. He has conversation with almost every chef." In fact, Ren Jiawei collected students' opinions on diet in daily communication. Gradually, this "Han Brother"wins the approval of thestudents.

Sometimes, however, he also encounters tough issues. He implores the students to stay and continue to study. He devotes all his efforts to solve the problem of students’winter clothes difficulties. He applies to the school to arrange make-up lessons of basic courses to solve let the students keep up with their studies. Inspired by him, the school has also carried out a pairing project between Party member teachers and students. Teachers have invested in this meaningful work to help more students grow up healthy and sound. The students know how to be grateful under the care of the teachers. They help the students of all nationalities in their study, integrate their ideas, and help them financially.At the same time, with the support of school Party committee, the minority studentsreturnedwiththeirlocal specialties, and set up campus salesnetwork.


As a counselor, the happiest time isthatstudents express sinceretheirthanks. He said:“A counselor's job requires loving and sentimental people to do the job well. If the organization and students needme, I am willing to continuethe ideological and political work of college students." This is Ren Jiawei, who always adheres to the original idea of "lighting up the lamp of students' ideals and illuminating their way forward". He strives to move from "practitioners who understand theory" to "practitioners who can practice". He measures the distance of loyalty with his feet.

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