Innovative Measures forUniversityStudents'Undertakings inHUSTSci-Tech ParkIs on theFront Page ofHeilongjiang Daily

By:Xu Jiaqian(Trainee journalist) From:Yi Chunxiang(Staff correspondent)

Translated by:Wei Zhinan Edited by:Liu Xiuming

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On the8thfloor ofHUSTSci-Tech Park, thereexhibitsa varietyof stereoscopic dolls, daily necessities, architectural models, and even human skeletal models on a one-man glass booth.All of theseexotic "exhibits", madebya"SmallAnt 3DPrinting" student startup team,attracttheteachers’ and students’attention.

HUST Sci-Tech Park, starting with a high level,aiming atmass entrepreneurship and innovation,focusing onhigh-quality development,isthefirst national university student science and technology start-up basein Heilongjiangprovince,in whichaseries of services for college students’ mass entrepreneurship and innovationare carried out.HUST Sci-Tech Park has become an important position to boost the work of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Liu Yue,an example of the students in the park,has grown out ofthisplatform,andconstantly increasedcompetenceandpracticefor the cause of mass entrepreneurship and innovationinHeilongjiangprovince.

Establishment ofall-round cultivation system

Ma Shuai,a student ofdecorativeart anddesignmajor of Academy of ArtofHUST, establishedXinma Technology Development Co., Ltd in the Sci-TechPark with a utility model patent ofHeatPreservation andEnergySavingVacuumGlassbefore graduation.Due to the lack ofmanagement experience at the beginning,Ma Shuai andhis team were faced with serious challenges, some of which were the setbacks of turningthe productsof the patent into the market.

On hearing the news,the staff of the Sci-TechPark organizedspecialiststoprovidesuch individually-made training and tutoring for Ma Shuai and his teamasbusiness management, financial management,product development,sales promotions,professional serviceguidance, etc. As a result, he and histeam quicklyanchoredthe right direction of development.With the support and help of the platform,Xinma Technology Development Co., Ltdhas grown into a leading companyin domestic vacuum glass industry, whoseproductshavebeen widelyusedinmany plastic and steel building material companies.In return for this, his company gota largeprofitfrom it as well.

At present, as an elective course of general knowledge for college students, the practical course of innovation and entrepreneurship for college students providestheemwithsupportsfrom basic theory to practice in relation toinnovation and entrepreneurship. The school also cooperatedwiththe YouchengFoundation and the School of Economics of Peking University to launch the Entrepreneurship Enlightenment course, and independently trained the full-time teachers, set up training courses to permeate the contents of innovative entrepreneurship education, and used entrepreneurship cases to teach in the classroom.

Foundation ofdiversified service platforms

Student entrepreneurship team,“SmallAnt 3 DPrinting”,isone ofthemostpopularin theinnovationandentrepreneurshipincubator service platform,Liu Yue told reporters.The parkhas built diversified service platformsfor innovation and entrepreneurship incubation, such as “a state-level base for university students’ scientific and technological entrepreneurship practice”, “a state-level space for creating guests”, “a valley for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship”and so on.All of these provide low-cost, convenient, diversified, all-element incubating services for student entrepreneurs, and “SmallAnt 3DPrinting”plays a role ofthe “mini” incubator.

Headof therelated department in the Sci-Tech Parksaysthat thepark not only provides platform services for students, but alsoplays a role of abusinessincubatorinscience and technology. it is also an incubatorfor teachers’ scientific research achievements, a base for small and medium-sized enterprises to start a business, and an industrialization base. The park isboththe first national university sci-techpark in the province,andthe first batch of national innovation and innovation demonstration base of national small and micro enterprises. In 2018,it ranks100inChina’stop 100 technology incubatorlist, which is the only one enterprise in Heilongjiang province.

Promotion ofthe commercialization of research findings

Jia Bo,mentorof“mass entrepreneurship and innovation”,says that we need to strive forbetter stimulatingthe ability of scientific and technological innovation,andattractingrelevant enterprises to invest, which canform a virtuous circle of cooperation chain of industry-university-research, and realizewin-win cooperation.

“Hengji Medicine”,a student entrepreneurship team,istrying its bestto achieveits goal:the realization of the concept that the university scientific research laboratoryservesas the industrial baseby promotingenterprise developmentandindustrialprogresswith the help of thescientific research technologyandscientific research achievements

So far, more than 500companies andenterpriseshave settledin HUSTSci-TechPark,which incubates 61 university students’enterprises includingone high-tech enterpriseand provides more than6000jobs.

HUST National Sci-Tech Park on the front page ofHeilongjiang Dailyon December 11th, 2018

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