A Prize-GivingCeremonyto AwardOutstandingIndividuals andGroupsin Commemorations ofthe 83rdAnniversary of Dec.9thMovement andthe40YearsofReform andOpening-upHeld inHUST

By:Liu Chang From:Student Affairs Department

Translated by:Xu Dan Edited by:Ma Yanhui

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At 15:00pmofDecember 9th, a prize-giving ceremony to award outstanding individuals and groups in the academic year of 2017-2018washeldinHUST. The ceremony wasalso a gathering in commemorations ofthe 83rdAnniversary of December9thMovement andthe40 yearsof reform and opening-up. Zhang Hongtao, Party Secretary of CPC HUST, Zhou Hongli, President of HUST, Lu Yan, Vice Party Secretary of CPC HUST, Zhou Changqun, Secretary of the Standing Committee of CPC HUST, Director of the Publicity Department attended the ceremony. Also present at the ceremony were leaders from Party Secretary of the CPC HUST at school level, StudentAffairsDepartment, Communist Youth League of HUST, award-winning teachers and students and freshmen representatives.The activities are sponsored by the StudentAffairsDepartment and HUSTCommunistYouth League, and organized by HUST Student Art Group and HUST Student Union.

This year marks the83rdAnniversaryofthe December9thMovement.For decades,HUST students have adhered to the spirit of patriotism, persistence, truth-seeking and practice. With their own experience, pursuit and exemplary action, they have fulfilled their dreams, and have achieved great accomplishments, being awarded as outstanding individuals or groups at national, provincial and university levels. At the prize-giving ceremony, Zhang Hongtao, Zhou Hongli, Lu Yan, and Zhou Changqun presented honorary credentialsto the outstanding individuals and groups. Lu Yan delivered a speech. She extended her warm congratulation to the exemplary student counselors, bothas anindividually and as a group, who have set up good examples in educating students. She highly praised those whohavelong dedicated themselves to student work, such as LvBinjiang, who won the "National Mental Health Education Award for 20 years’ Dedication" and Ren Jiawei, who won the title of "Tenth National College Counselor Person of the Year". Her praise also went to the advanced role models of students such as HUST postgraduate volunteer teaching group, the "Yisuiyidong" group and the "Challenge Cup" Entrepreneurship Contest team, etc. Finally, she told the teachers their students’ ardent hope and expressed her heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have always been devoted to the healthy growth of students andtotheir work.

The impressive and inspiringperformances of songs and dancesat the ceremony inspireHUST students to further practice core socialist values, and integrate the youth dream into the dream of strengthening HUST, so as to realize the Chinadream with the youth dream. Students are also encouraged to turn the continuously rising patriotism into the practical action of studying well and serving the nation. With students fulfilling their youth dream in the practice of realizing the Chinese dream and the stronger university dream, HUST will write even more splendid chapters of the new era! (Photographer: Liu Chang, HUST Youth, Student Journalists of CPC HUST )

A Prize-Giving Ceremony to Award Outstanding Individuals and Groups in Commemorations of the 83rd Anniversary of Dec. 9th Movement and the 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up Held in HUST

The ceremonyis in progress

Zhang Hongtaoand Zhou Hongliawardinghonorary credentials to the national outstanding individuals and groups

Lu Yan awarding honorary credentials to the provincial outstanding individuals and groups

Zhou Changqunawarding honorary credentials to the outstanding individuals and groups awarded at university level

Lu Yan delivering a speech

Dramaperformance:Enduring Memory

Danceshow:Fighting Bravely

Poetryrecital:the Flag


Song:Always RemainTrue to Original Aspiration

Song:A Stronger Nation, My Share of Contribution

Song:The Most Beautiful Sun

Song:My Stage

Poetryrecital:To HUST Youths

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