HUSTKey Laboratory of Engineering Dielectrics and Application Attached to the Ministry of Education Has Passed the Audit Assessment

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Translated by:Wu Fei Edited by:Liu Xiuming

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On December 6th, General Assessment Meeting of the Key Laboratories attached to the Ministry of Education was held in Beijing.HUSTKey Laboratory of Engineering Dielectrics and Application attached to the Ministry of Education has passed the audit assessment, with unanimous vote, ranking 1stamong provincial universities. Zhou Hongli,President of HUST, Wu Mingyang,Director of Science and Technology Office, Zhang Qingguo,Dean of Electric Engineering Institute, Zhang Ying,Deputy Director of Science and Technology Office, and Liu Ji, ViceDean of Electric Engineering Institute,attended the defense. Chen Qingguo, Deputy Director of theKeyLaboratory and Dean of Electric Engineering Institute made a speech on behalf of the key laboratory.

The key laboratory attached to the Ministry of Education is an important part of our national technical innovation system, playing a vital role in technical innovation, talent cultivation, team building, and breeding of technical achievement. The Ministry of Education initiated the audit assessment on the key laboratories in the field of engineering and material science since June, 2018, in order to have a comprehensive assessment on development of all 145 key laboratories in 94 colleges during the past five years, focusing on scientific research, team building, talent cultivation, resource input, operational management, and representative scientific achievements. The assessment adopts the knock-out system, which means the low-ranking ones will be cancelled. There is limited time but tough works to prepare for the assessment. However, with helpful instruction from our school leaders, close cooperation between Electric Engineering Institute and Science and Technology Office, and great effort of relevant teachers, various jobs have been successfully completed.

Review of the process:

On October 21st, the job deployment meeting was held by our university. Zhou Hongli,President of HUST, Guo Erjun,Vice President of HUST, and relevant personnel from the key laboratory and functional departments attended the meeting. Jobs concerning preparationsfor the assessment were assigned on the meeting, It is required by President Zhou that it should be well prepared item by item, which not only highlighted the characteristics of engineering application, but also focused on innovation of fundamental theory and research. Problems like unstandardization of lab environment and abnormal operation of apparatuses and equipment should be recognized and timely modified. President Zhou hoped that the key laboratory can make full use of the assessment as an incredible opportunity, to speed up construction of the lab, improve daily management of the lab, provide further training for the staff, so as to constantly improve the level of basic scientific platform.

On November 1st, Zhang Hongtao,Secretary of the Party Committee of HUST,accompanied by Guo Erjun,Vice President of HUST, Wu Mingyang,Director of Science and Technology Office, and Chen Qingguo,Dean of Electric Engineering Institute,visited the Key Laboratory of Engineering Dielectrics and Application attached to the Ministry of Education for inspection and guidance of the preparation jobs. “The preparation for the assessment must be careful and delicate, emphasizing high standard, strict requirement and highlighting details and fulfillment. Every functional department, second-level institute, and the key laboratory need to fully integrate the resources, and unite together to devote for the assessment, and simultaneously, to expedite the development of our university’s scientific platforms as well as substantially improve the overall scientific level and core competence of our university.” Zhang Hongtao claimed.

On November4th, spot assessment meeting was held in our university. Lei Qingquan,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Hongtao,Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhou Hongli,President of HUST, Zhao Guang,Deputy Director of the Education Department, Guo Erjun,Vice President of HUST, Li Jinsong,Director of Science and Education Division under Provincial Financial Department, Xu Yingqi,Director of Science and Technology Division under Provincial Educational Department, Liang Xiumei,Director of Financing and Auditing Division under Provincial Educational Department,attended the meeting. President Zhou Hongli gave a report on resource input, condition guarantee, policy support, and daily supervision and management by our university. Zhao Hong,Director ofthe key laboratory,made an introduction on the basic situation, representative achievements, and operation of the lab. Academician Lei Qingquan, AcademicLeader,had a communication with the experts concerning the positioning and research orientation of the lab. Afterafield trip, the assessment panel spoke highly of the construction and development of the key laboratory,and at the same time leftvaluable advice on problems they found.

The excellent result is attributed to the considerate care and necessary guidance from the school leaders, close cooperation among relative departments, and hard work of teachers and relative staff from the Electric Engineering Institute. In this harvest October, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Heilongjiang Province again, which brought new opportunities for development of science and technology in Heilongjiang Province. Our university will firmly follow the strategic deployment by the nation, the provincial Party committee, and the provincial government. With the concept of “service with consideration and development with innovation”, we will further stimulate teachers’ incentive to promote scientific research. Besides highlighting the fundamental scientific research, we should also develop applied scientific research with a lot of efforts, by enhancing the construction of high-level scientific research platform and encouraging the output of original scientific research. We are intended to cultivate a batch of academic leaders with high quality and young and middle-aged academic talents with high innovation ability, to promote better and faster development of the science and technology affairs in our university.

Zhang Hongtao is inspecting the preparationsfor the assessment.

Zhou Hongliis presiding the meeting.

Lei Qingquan is present at the meeting.

Zhang Hongtaois delivering a speechon the meeting

Zhou Hongliisgiving a report.

The assessment meetingin progress

The assessment panelarevisitingthe key laboratory .

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