3 HUST CPC Branches Rank into Top 100 ProvincialCPC BranchList

By:Anonymous From:HUST CPC Organization Department

Translated by:Wei Xutao Edited by:Ma Yanhui

Time:2018-12-2510:25 Click:944

Recently, a list of“Top 100 CPC Branches of Heilongjiang Colleges & Universities”was notified publiclybyProvincialCPCCommittee’s Educational WorkCommission, on which three branches from HUST were ranked, i.e. CPC Branch of School of Software Engineering, CPC Branch of Grade2013 ofAutomation major, and CPC Branch of Department ofPhotoelectricInformation Science&Engineering.

The above three branches, coming from HUST’s most outstanding grass-root CPC branches, are the demonstrations of the continuous efforts made by HUST CPC Committee to carry out“The Notice of Launching the Campaign of Constructing Top 100 CPC Branchesof Colleges & Universities inHeilongjiang”, or NO.12Document issued byProvincialCPCCommittee’s Educational WorkCommission (ID:HLJEWC2015). Thanks to their great performance,after a long-term testing procedure, including self-assessment, HUST recommendation,centralized evaluation and expert selection, etc. the threeHUST CPC Brancheswere finally selected and ranked.

It is really a landmark in HUST’s mission of reinforcing Party organization work, as well as an amazing outcome of her educational reform and“double first-class”construction.

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