HUSTCelebrated 34thTeachers’ Day andReported onExemplary Deeds of OutstandingTeachers

byChen Ying; fromParty CommitteePublicityDepartment

TranslatedbyWei Zhinan; editedbyPang Baokun

It is said that inaone-hundredyearstrategy of anation,educationserves as the foundation.Withtheapproachingof the 34thTeachers’Day, at 15:00 on September 10,HUSTcelebrated the 34thTeachers’Day andreported ontheexemplarydeeds ofoutstandingteachers in the lecture hall on the 5th floor of the main teaching building, commendingoutstandingcollectives and individuals who have maderemarkablecontributions in teaching and scientific research,as well asmanagement and service, aiming atlearningfromtheserolemodels.

All school leaders attended the meeting. Representatives ofretirees,school leadersat or above the deputydirectorlevel, departmentheads, all counselors,outstandingindividuals and collective representatives at the national, provincial and school levels, some teachers and studentsattendedthe meeting. The meeting was presided over byYu Haiyang,deputy director of thePublicityDepartment of thePartyCommittee.

At the meeting, Vice President Guo Erjun read out the list of state-level and provincial-leveloutstandingcollectives and individuals. Zhang Hongtao, party secretary of the school, and Fang Wenbin, vice president, presented awardstooutstandingcollective and individual representatives who received honorary titles at the national and provincial levels. Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the school party committee, read out the list ofoutstandingcollectives and individuals. Vice President Yang Chunand Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Wang Zhihaopresented"three full education"awardsatthe school-leveltooutstandingcollectives. Vice President Liu Shenghui, Party CommitteePublicityDepartment Director Zhou Changqun awarded the prizetooutstandingindividualsat the school-level.

For a long time, our faculty and staff, adhering to the spirit of "self-improvement, seeking truth and innovation" and the cultural quality ofschool spirit, have been educating people inevery aspect,cultivatinga number of outstanding talentsandmakinggreatcontributions for the school’sdevelopment and construction. At the meeting, excellent teachers sharedtheir teaching experience, teaching ideas and stories oftheirwork.

PartySecretary Zhang Hongtao,on behalf of the school, extended greetings,heartfelt thanks to the faculty and staff, and congratulations to theoutstandingindividuals and collectives who were commended.He also expressed sincere gratitude forthe dedication ofstaff membersin serviceandretireesfor the developmentof the school.Looking back over the past year, the school has achieved gratifying results thanks to the joint efforts ofthefaculty and staff, Zhang said.

PartySecretary Zhang put forward three hopes to the teachers: first,every staff member shouldcarry on the spirit of school motto, advocating sincere and loyal feelingstowardsfamiliesandourcountry. Second,every teacher is supposed tocultivatestrong skills and always maintain the attitude of striving for excellence and courage. Third,teachers shouldstick to the original dream,making contributions to“Double First-rate”strategic plan.

Hestressed that we shouldconfrontthe difficulties and challenges facing the development of our school. In the face of the upcoming institutional reform, the adjustment of the subsidy allocation scheme and the integration of disciplines and specialties, teachers should unify their thinking, form a common understanding, inspire the spirit, be pragmatic and innovative, and work hard in a down-to-earth manner.(Photo: Geng Hongjie,XuZhuang,Sun Xuesong )

Celebration of34thTeachers’Dayandreporton exemplary deeds of outstandingteachers

Zhang Hongtao, secretary of the school party committee, spoke at the meeting.

Secretary of the Party CommitteeZhang Hongtao,and vice presidentFang Wenbin, presented the awards for outstanding collective and individual representatives.

Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the School Party Committee, read out the list of outstanding collectives and individuals.

Vice President Guo Erjun read out the list of outstanding collectives and individuals at the national and provincial levels.

Vice President Yang Chun and Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Wang Zhihao presented "three full education" awards at the school-level to outstanding collectives.

Vice President Liu Shenghui, Director of Propaganda Department of Party Committee Zhou Changqun presented the prizesto the representatives of outstanding individuals at the school level.

Deputy Director ofPublicityDepartment of Party Committee Yu Haiyang presided over the conference; representatives of outstanding teachers made a speech at the meeting.

The student representative offered a bunch of flowers to the representative of teachers.

The meeting.

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