Zhou Hongli Presidents HUST

byChen ying fromCPC Publicity Department

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byMa Yanhui

At 8:30, September 16, chaired byParty Secretary Zhang Hongtao, a HUST Cadres & outstanding Teachers Conference was held in the Lecture Hall on thefifth floor of New TeachingBuilding, West Campus, presented by all HUST leading stuff members, cadres above section level, academic leaders, heads of democratic parties and some representatives of outstanding teachers.

Zhao Guogang, HUST’s former Party secretary as well as current director of Provincial MOE andParty secretary of Council for Higher Education Works of Provincial CPC Committee, Zhang Yilong, vice director of ProvincialOrganizationDepartment, also attended the conference.

Vice Director Zhang read out the commission issued by Provincial CPC Committee, to appoint Comrade Zhou HongliasHUST’spresidentand vice Party secretary, while Minister Zhao introducedPresidentZhou’s curriculum vitae and character.

Director Zhao also made a speech tospeakhighly of ComradeLi Dayong, HUST’s out-going president who had been in HUST for 40 years, with the statuses from an undergraduate to a newly-retired president, as well asthe excellent work hehadfulfilled during his tenure, esp,since 2013whenHUST started to suffer from unbearable pressure for coming across a series of troubles unexpectedly.Director Zhaoexpressed his best expectationtoHUST under the new leadership and proposed some advice and guidance, too.

PresidentZhou made an inauguration address, in which he appreciated the encouragement given by Provincial CPC Committee as well as the confidence from all would-be colleagues in HUST, reported his working plan in the future, and declared his solid determination to lead HUST to pursue a new milestone in her“world-class universities and world-class disciplines”construction.

Individually,HUST’s ex-president Li andParty Secretary Zhang delivered their opinions before or afterPresidentZhou’s inauguration address as well. They both welcomed the decision of Provincial CPC Committee and congratulated the inauguration ofPresidentZhou, expressed their confidence of HUST in her new era, as well.

In fact, it was the second time for the commission appointing PresidentZhoutoberead out in HUST. At7:30, just one hour before this conference,Party Secretary Zhang chaired a meet-and-greet for Zhou’s arriving in the second meeting room of New TeachingBuilding, at which, after Vice Director Zhang read out the commission, Director Zhao,PresidentZhou and Party Secretary Zhang made their similar statements in turns to attendees, includingWuZihui,director of the Fourth Branch of Cadres for ProvincialOrganizationDepartment, Qiu Jie, director of ProvincialOrganizationDepartment as well as a Council member for Higher Education Works of Provincial CPC Committee andall HUST leadership members not leaving on assignments then.


HUST Cadres & outstanding Teachers Conference

Vice Director Zhang reading out the commission

Director Zhao making his speech

Party Secretary Zhang chairing the conference

PresidentZhou making his inauguration address

Ex-President Limaking his out-going statement

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