Coffee Meeting — University LeadersTalking with 2018FreshmenandParents

By: LuChangfa,Yin Ming Executive Editor: Liu Shengyan

From:Communist Youth League of HUST

Translated by: Xu DanEdited by: Pang Baokun

At 3:30 p.m., August 31st, HUST Student Union, entrusted by university leaders, organized thefourthsession ofcoffee meeting with2018freshmenand parentrepresentatives. The symposiumtook place at theCoffeeReadingRoom 536 of National Science and Technology Park.The meetingaims to implement the principles of "all-staff education,all-roundeducation, all-dimension education",to meetthe "student-centered" guideline,tolisten to the opinions and suggestions of the freshmen andtheirparentstofurther improve the work of the university.Itgatheredaltogether42 people, including Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of CPC HUST,relevantpersonnel of the Publicity Department, Educational Administration Department, Student Department,YouthLeague Committee, Graduate Student Department, Security Department, Modern Education Center, Logistic Management Department, school hospital, and representatives of freshman tutors,2018freshmen andtheirparents.

On behalf of the university, Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of CPC HUST, extended her warm welcome to the freshmen and their parents and expressed her sincere thanks for their trust in HUST. She said that the university, which is selected as a "double-first-class" university in Heilongjiang Province,strives tocultivatea wide variety of professional talents with solid foundation, sound practice, sense of responsibility andcreativity. She emphasized the significance of maintaining the sense of self-discipline, strengthening the sense of social responsibility and moral cultivation, internalizing them into emotional education, establishing historical and global perspectives, and being brave enough to shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation. At the same time, HUST will continue to carry out a series of habit-forming activities, such as mobile-phone-free classrooms and Happy Reading Program, all of which are intended to teach students to improve self-discipline anddevelopgood habits.

At the symposium, freshmen from various colleges and parent representatives raised questions about the development of the university and the growth of students. Meanwhile, they expressed their approval for thepleasantcampus environment, the positive learning atmosphere and thewarmreception of freshmen. In response to the parents’ most concerned questions, such as talent cultivation, student management, campus construction, logistics support, security and student health-care insurance, the heads of relevant departments gave detailed answers and said that no efforts will be spared to provide the best service for students' life in the university. It is their hope that students and parents makeclosercontacts with the university, engage in deeper communication,devotejoint efforts to educate students, and work together toachievedesired results. Moreover,the heads of relevant sectorsexpressed their wish that all freshmen make great strides in their study, have healthy growth and celebrate outstanding academic achievements.

Through the symposium, communication and understanding are enhanced between freshmen, parent representatives and HUST. The symposium serves as an innovative method for talent cultivation and as a crucial step in welcoming freshmen. It enables HUST to listen to the voice of parents, who put forward constructive suggestions regarding the school's work in all aspects.Furthermore, it promotes cooperation among family, university and society in educating people, so that the parents are confident of their children's growth in HUST.

Lu Yan,Deputy Secretary ofCPC HUST, delivering a speech at the symposium

Heads ofrelevant sectors andteacherrepresentatives answering parents’ most concerned questions

2018Freshmen oftheirparents expressing their opinions

Group photo of leaders, freshmen, and parents

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