Breakthrough! The “Engineering” Discipline of HUST Entered Global Top 1% of ESI for the First Time

byXu Zhuang fromDevelopment and Planning Division

Translated byWang Yongqin; edited byPang Baokun

According to ESI (Essential Science Indicators) statistics published by Clarivate Analytics on September 14, 2018, there are 241 colleges and universities in China entered top 1% of the world’s disciplines. Eightcolleges and universities have beennewlyadded this time. The “Engineering” discipline of HUST entered global top 1% of ESI for the first time, which indicates that the “Engineering” discipline of HUST has entered high-level disciplines. It marksgreatbreakthrough in the establishment of “double first-class” universities!

There are 353 papers published by HUST (including 4 highly cited papers) according to ESI. The total number of citations is 2337 times, and the number of cited frequencies is 4.37 times. The total number of citations ranked 1368 among all 1376 scientific institutions that entered the top 1% of the ESI rankings in the discipline.Data shows that the discipline construction of HUST has achieved remarkably; especially the engineering discipline has already had an academic influence in the international arena.

As an in-depth analytical research tool based on the core collection of Web of Science, ESI is updated every two months. Itanalysesstatistics of citations and data of more than 12,000 journals collected by SCI/SSCI, and provides rankings of research performance and scientific research strengths of countries, institutions, and journals in 22 subject research fields. ESI has become an important indicator commonly used in the world to evaluate the international academic level and influence of academic institutions and universities. The establishment of “double first-class” universities in China also generally takes entering the top 1% and 1‰ of ESI asagoal.

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