IdeologicalandPoliticalEducationResearchofHUST Included into a Guide to theCore Journals China

ByPang Da fromAcademic Research Department

Translated byKang Xiaoyun; edited byPang Baokun

Recently, the editorial department ofIdeologicalandPoliticalEducationResearchofHUSThas been informed by thecommittee of A Guide to theCore Journalsof China(GCJC) ofBeijingUniversity:IdeologicalandPoliticalEducationResearchofHUSTwasincluded intoGCJC ofBeijing university, and has been rated as the core journals of higher education.Itis the first time thatIdeologicalandPoliticalEducationResearchhas beenincludedintoGCJC,afteranother important breakthroughof“Top 100SocialScienceJournals ofHigher Institutions”.

As one of the most important evaluation systems of academic journals,GCJChasgreatinfluence in academic circles. The evaluation combinedquantitative evaluation and qualitative evaluation method, and nearly 8000 expertsparticipated in it. Throughstrictreviewand check, 1981 core journals were selected. In the evaluation,Electric MachinesandControlandJournal of HarbinUniversity ofScience andTechnologyof our university were also included in the 2017GCJC.

Academic journal evaluation is a long process of accumulation. Over the years, the academic research department has always adhered to the concept of “serving the development of disciplines, building communication platforms andpublishingquality journals”.After long-term efforts,Journal of HarbinUniversity ofScience andTechnologyisincluded inJapanScience andTechnologyLiteratureDatabaseSourceJournals(2018).Electric MachinesandControlwas once again included in ChinaScienceCitationDatabase (CSCD) (2017-2018), and was again included in theUS EngineeringIndex (core journal) (EI) in 2018.

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