Ren Jiawei, a counselor, will represent the whole province in the selection of "the Tenth Annual Figure of National College Counselor"

By:Chen Ying From:Student Affairs Department,

Party Committee Affairs Department

Translated by:Li Weidong Edited by:Ma Yanhui

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Stick to the original heart, light up the road, and be a spiritual guide for the students-- Ren Jiawei, a counselor, will represent the whole province in the selection of the Tenth Annual Figure of National College Counselor.

Recently, the results of the "Tenth Annual Heilongjiang college counselor" campaign revealed that Ren Jiawei, a full-time counselor of minority students in our school, won the title of "the tenth annual figure of the University Counselor of Heilongjiang province" with the first place of the total score, and represented in the election of the tenth annual figure of college counselor of china on behalf of Heilongjiang.

The election campaign is sponsored by the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the University and the Provincial Department of education. It aims to select a number of outstanding figures, to publicize a number of typical deeds, to give full demonstration of the leading role, so as to lead the College counselors to enhance their quality, improve the professional level and improve the quality of work. After the three stages of admission, nomination and final evaluation, the tenth annual figures for college counselors in Heilongjiang province were selected, and 10 people were nominated and 11 were awarded.

In recent years, the school is closely related to the fundamental task of education on the basis of morality, giving full play to the positive role of the students' work in the "double first class" construction. With Ren Jiawei as the representative of the 86 first-line full-time counselors, they focus on the job of education, guidance, service and management. The key point is to help students grow and grow with love and responsibility. Under the leadership of the students' work department and the school league committee, the counselors pay attention to every aspect of the students' college life. from the education model "Trinity" of personality molding, ability training and knowledge imparting to the "dawn" action, all aim to guide students to develop a healthy, orderly and scientific habit of living and rest. From the youth student's "Yue" reading program, college students will integrate the humanistic spirit and the scientific spirit into the late self-study to cultivate the students' self-study habits and motivate the students' self-study motivation; from the counselors to the classroom, the dining hall, the dormitory, and the laboratory to listen to the students' heart. The teacher of class goes deep into the class of students, teaches students national ethics, guides their students with professional learning, and infects students with abundant humanistic feelings and extensive professional knowledge. We should truly focus on students, care for students and serve students.

First class undergraduate education is the important part of "two first-class" construction. First class universities need first-class students, management and teaching. It also needs first-rate ideological and political work, which is related to the fundamental question of what kind of people we cultivate, how to train people and to cultivate people. The whole staff will continue to make firm and correct political direction in accordance with the requirements of general secretary Xi Jinping, to "light the ideal lights and illuminate the road" for the students to cultivate qualified builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which are red, professional and comprehensive.

Picture : Ren Jiafei replied at the scene of the final evaluation of "the 10th Heilongjiang Province Counselor of the year"

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