Intent of CooperationBetween HUST and Huizhou City under Furtherance

By:Han Yubo From:Research Institute of

Science and Engineering

Translated by:Wang Yongqin; Edited by:Liu Xiuming

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At the invitation of the People’s Government of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, a five-member delegation led by HUST Vice President Fang Wenbin visited Huizhou city for investigations on April 16 and 17, 2018. Duan Hongwei, Dean of the Research Institute of Science and Engineering, Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department, Han Yubo, Associate Dean of the Research Institute of Science and Engineering, and Professor Chen Minghua from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering accompanied him on the visit. After extensive and in-depth exchanges of ideas, the two parties reached an agreement on the cooperation of joint training of graduate students and on theestablishment of the International Technology Industry Research Institute (Huizhou) of HUST on the basis of the Research Institute of Science and Engineering.

On April 16, talks were held between the delegates and some of the authorities from the relevant departments of Huizhou government as well as the leaders from Huizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Huizhou University, Municipal Organization Department, Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Zhongkai High-tech Zone Management Committee, Tonghu Ecological Smart Management committee and other departments. Zhou Zhangyu, Director of Huizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, made an introduction to the history, scientific and technological development, talent ecological environment and policy support ofHuizhou City. He welcomed the delegates to Huizhou and hoped them to give full play to HUST’s advantages in talents and scientific research in the connection of Huizhou’s industrial upgrading and Huizhou University’s discipline construction by cooperating with Huizhou in different fields. Vice President Fang Wenbin introduced the “Double First-Class” construction, “Professional Special Zone” construction and graduate training of HUST. He said that having reserved a large number of outstanding talents in electrical engineering, machinery manufacturing, and new materials and new energy, HUST has great advantages in science, technology, human resources, and education, etc.. It can surely provide technological support and intellectual protection for Huizhou, and moreover, improve our youth talent reserve, schooling and social service capabilities.

On April 17, Fang Wenbin held a meeting with Mayor of Huizhou City Mr. Mai Jiaomeng, Vice Mayor Yu Jinfu and other city leaders. During the meeting, all the attendees held the same ideaunanimously that the cooperation between HUST and the local government was practical and feasible. On the basis of the principle of complementary resources, bidirectional promotion, and mutual development, the two parties will spare no efforts to promote the establishment of the International Technology Industry Research Institute so as to achieve the desired goals.

During the visit, Fang Wenbin and the delegates visited the Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone and talked with alumni from companies such as EVE Energy (Lithium Energy), LTK Cable and Huiju Cable. They also paid a visit to the companies run by the alumni, such as ELETECK wire and cable Cable Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhongxun Agri-science Corporation. Alumni expressed their sincere and warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation. Fang stated that HUST would definitely provide strong supports for alumni and assisted their companies in product upgrades and innovations in the telecommunications cable industry in the Pearl River Delta region. He also warmly welcomed the alumni back to alma mater, and wished them to do something for the construction and strengthening of HUST.

Located in the one-hour economic life circle of Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou, Huizhou city implements the innovation-driven development strategy, and actively constructs a number of major innovation platforms such as New District around Dayawan, Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone, Zhujiang Delta (Huizhou) National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park. Huizhou has now established a modern industrial system that combines petrochemicals, electronic information, new energy, new materials, and many other industries. In 2017, Huizhou successfully hosted the 1stChina University Science and Technology Achievement Fair. It is becoming a fertile ground for the industrialization of innovation achievements in Guangdong and even the whole country. In the future, the “Guangdong Silicon Valley” will be built on the basis of national high-tech zones. HUST seizes opportunities for development in Huizhou City, actively carries out cooperation between government and HUST, and insists on innovation-driven development strategies. With personnel training and technology services as the cooperation points, we will actively expand new areas and new ways of cooperation between the two parties and achieve further mutual development.

Talks between HUST delegates and authorizes from relevant departments of Municipal People's Government of Huizhou City in progress

HUST delegates visiting Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone

HUST delegates visiting Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone

HUST delegates visiting the companies and meeting the alumni

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