“Being the Pilot of My Beautiful Youth” -- Red Ribbon Campus Activity in HUST

By:Cao Shi From:Chinese Communist Youth League

Committee of HUST

Translated by:Xu Lei; Edited by:Liu Xiuming

Time:2018-04-25 08:58:41 Click:45

On the afternoon of April 24, the Red Ribbon Campus Activity with “Being the Pilot of My Beautiful Youth” as the theme, was held at Conference Hall 0220 of Teaching Building No.1 in the West Campus of HUST. Sponsored by Chinese Association of STD Prevention and Control of AIDS, China’s Centre for Health Education, Rights and Interests Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Institute of Higher Education and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this activity was specially made for further studies and applications of the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the full implementations of “Healthy China” strategies, the popularizations of HIV/AIDS preventions and controls, the promotions of college students’ awareness on AIDS prevention, and the glorifications of the positive energy of youth as well.

The activity in progress

This activity was attended by more than 700 people, including the HIV Prevention Advocate of the National Sanitary and Health Committee and the well-known singer Cai Guoqing, Assistant Researcher of Chinese Centre for Health Education Jiang Hong, President of Heilongjiang STD & AIDS Prevention and Control Association Xing Jichun, Director of University Broadcasting of Heilongjiang Radio and Television Station Zhang Dongxin, authorities from Disease Control Departments of Heilongjiang Sanitary and Planning Committee and Heilongjiang Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Deputy Secretary of CPC of HUST Lu Yan, Director of the Students’ Affairs Department of HUST Yang Zhongxue, Director of HUST Hospital Jv Dan, Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries in charge of students’ affairs, Secretaries of Chinese Youth Leagues from schools, and representatives of young teachers and students.

Cai Guoqing, HIV prevention advocate of National Sanitary and Health Committee and well-known singer

Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of CPC of HUST, is delivering a speech.

Xing Jichun, President of Heilongjiang STD & AIDS Prevention and Control Association, gives a speech.

A themed interaction entitled “Protecting Ourselves by Keeping Away from HIV/AIDS”

A musical sitcom performance entitled “Loving You Forever”

Employment and recognition ceremony for Heilongjiang Red Ribbon health advocates and excellent volunteersand voluntary groupsfor campusHIV/AIDS prevention

Cai Guoqing, HIV prevention advocate of National Sanitary and Health Committee, 1stClass Actor of Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Singing and Dancing Group and well-known singer, is singing a song entitled “How I Wish I Were a White Cloud”.

A photo of guests, leaders and volunteers

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