HUST Holds the 2ndPostgraduate Teaching Supervisors Appointment Ceremony

byHan Wei edited by Yan Yanliang fromPostgraduate Department

Translated by Xu Dan; Edited by Chen Fuming

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On November 8, 2017, the 2ndAppointment Announcement and Review Meeting of HUST Postgraduate Teaching Supervisors was held at the First Meeting Room of New Administrative Building. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Fengbin, director of Postgraduate Department. Fang Wenbin, vice president of HUST, and the latest batch of postgraduate supervisors, including professor Zhang Yongjun, and professor Meng Gongge, attended the meeting. Also present at the meeting were personnel from Postgraduate Department.

Director Zhang emphasized that teaching supervisors play a crucial part in maintaining the teaching quality of the university, thus being indispensable for educational institutions. Since this September, professor Zhang and professor Meng have fulfilled their obligations. Through their efforts, teaching order is further stabilized, teaching management is improved, teaching reform is stimulated and teaching quality is enhanced.

Vice President Fang stressed that according to the 13thFive-Year Plan for China Academic Degrees and Postgraduate Education, demands for service and improvement of quality are the main focuses for future development. In addition, training system needs to be further upgraded, and quality control requires full development. Only in this way can the university improves the quality of teaching and certificate awarding. Being a crucial component of the system, postgraduate teaching supervisors contribute to building quality control system in a university and strengtheningteaching management. Vice President Fang expressed his hope that the supervisors should give full play to their talents, doing their bits in instructing teachers, particularly the young teachers, and helping improve the teaching quality. Supervisors should also attach importance to the innovation of training modes and reform of curriculum. In this way, they can play a greater part in improving the quality of postgraduates of HUST.

Finally, Vice President Fang extended his warm congratulations to the set-up of the latest group of postgraduate teaching supervisors, and then awarded contracts to professor Zhang and professor Meng.


Vice President Fang Wenbin awarding contract to professor Zhang Yongjun


Vice President Fang awarding contract to professor Meng Gongge


Vice President Fang taking a picture with the attendees of the meeting

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