“Building a Moderately Prosperous Society•New Era•Longjiang Women Forum” by Heilongjiang Women’s Studies Institute

by: Chen Ying;

Translated by Pang Baokun; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On the afternoon of November 3, The 5th Dragon River female Forum ,"Complete building of a moderately prosperous society New EraLongjiang Women"was held in the multi-function hall on the first floor of our school organized by the provincial Women's Studies Institute . This Forum is one of the important contents of the eighth social science popularization month in Harbin of Heilongjiang. Dong Pu, Vice President of the provincial Women's Federation, Ma Zhenming, a researcher of provincial administration of social organizations, Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin University of Science and Technology, and other leaders attended the meeting. More than 100 people from universities, research institutes and institutions of the province, the representatives of the Women's Studies Institute and the teachers and students of Harbin University of Science and Technology attended the event.


Lu Yan, deputy party secretary of Harbin University of Science and Technology, presided over the opening ceremony and expressed the warmest and sincerest welcome to the leaders, experts, scholars and guests,on behalf of the school party committee, the administrative and the masses of teachers and students of HUST. Pu Dong, vice chairman of provincial Women's Federation, pointed out that Women’s Studies Institute is a group of higher quality female and made outstanding contribution to development of Longjiang. She called on the professionals and scholars of the Institute continue to make contributions to the realization of the goal of building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Ma Zhenming, a researcher of Provincial Administration of Social Organizations, pointed out that we are faced with more onerous tasks and more ambitious goals, in the further implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. So we need more women, especially intellectual women to contribute their wisdom and strength. Provencal Women’s Studies Institute will use action to prove that social organizations can do better in the social governance. I hope all members of Women’s Studies Institute continue to play their own advantages and keep pace with the times. In accordance with the new requirements and expectations to women of the 19th CPC National Congress, you should promote the development of women's career and social organization of our province faster and better with women's studies and the actual results of operations. Xu Shiyu of Association of Social Sciences of Heilongjiang Province, read the congratulatory message of Li Jihua, Secretary of Party Committee of Associations of Social Sciences of Heilongjiang Province. He hopes the Women’s Studies Institute should insist on the political feature, advanced feature, and mass feature, adhere to the problem oriented and the service of women’s growth, and make new contributions in promoting social development and realizing the overall revitalization of Heilongjiang province.


The 5th Dragon River female Forum was presided over by professor Min Yuan from Heilongjiang University, vice chairman of the provincial Women's Studies Institute . The speeches of experts and scholars focused on building a moderately prosperous society in the New Era.

Distinguished professor Zhou Suya of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, dean of the school of Marxism and researcher of the Chinese characteristic socialism theory system research center, made a speech named "Do Not Forget the Early Heart and Forge Ahead into the New Era”. On the basis of the in-depth analysis of connotation,core, and significance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, she analyzed the big historical achievements that we have made since the 18th CPC National Congress, from the perspective of the governing rules of Communist Party of China. From the perspective of changes in the social principal contradictions of our country, she analyzed the people’s higher pursuit of a better life in the New Era. Then she put forward that women should make due contributions and struggle for Two Century Goals in the New Era.


Professor Zhen YanHua of Harbin university of Science and Technology, made a speech entitled “Foreign Language Education Policies of Longjiang Women under ‘One Road, One Belt’”. She pointed out that the theme of the Longjiang women is rooted in the black soil culture, affected by Russia and the Nordic culture, with the big love selfless dedication as its main spirit characteristics at the same time. From women’s own characteristics, she put forward the integration of online resources, relying on the women's federations at all levels, trade unions and social organizations, extending campus classroom teaching, so as to enhance the overall foreign language level of the Longjiang women. Finally, they can play a bigger role in the silk road through this way.


Associate professor Zhang Yanjun, deputy minister of Harbin Normal university postgraduate department, shared her research and thoughts about “the Advantages,Disadvantages and the Promotion Strategies of Women's Leadership under the "Chinese dream". She called on women leading cadres should give full play to their advantages, and overcome the traditional gender stereotypes detrimental to their own development and open a brighter future successfully in the process of realization of the "Chinese dream",.


Doctor Pan Furong , president of Harbin Heart Horizon Social Service Center, spoke on “the Study of the Development Path and Practice on the Female Social Organizations to Participate in Social Management ” . She introduced the background of the female social organizations to participate in social governance, realistic motivation, model analysis and the current situation. Then some suggestions combined with the her practical experience were put forward to female social organization development.


The Women’s Studies Institute of Heilongjiang,founded in 2008, was well-known in Associations of Social Science, which is a group of teachers in colleges and universities mainly in the province , at the same time, including scientific researchers, the party and government cadres, people of enterprise and the society from all walks of life who are interested in promoting gender equality. It has obtained many honors like National Outstanding Community, Provincial Characteristic Community and so on . At present, the study will use the "Linlin time" WeChat public platform, Wang Yu doctor's Chinese medicine WeChat group and other new media, to carry out free popularization of public welfare, to serve and answer questions of the common people. In 2018 , the Women’s Studies Institute will establish more platforms further, expand the service scope and innovate society service mode, serve for the development of Longjiang women, society and government policy. And we will participate in social governance actively and play a role of think-tank in society better.


The forum


Leaders presented


Vice Party-Secretary Lu Yan


Executive Vice director of Provincial Women’s Federation Dong Pu

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