School of Foreign Languages Holds the 1st“Teaching Expert” Teaching Competition-Harbin University of Science and Technology
School of Foreign Languages Holds the 1st“Teaching Expert” Teaching Competition

byWei Xutao Edited byE Ying fromSchool of Foreign Languages

Translated by Xu Dan; Edited by Chen Fuming

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On November 18, School of Foreign Languages held the 1st“Teaching Expert” Young Teachers Teaching Competition. The purposes of this competition are to deepen the reform carried out by the school in undergraduate education and teaching, to help young teachers of the school transform educational ideas about undergraduate education, and to provide them with the platform to give full play to their teaching talents. The competition also aims to enhance the vocational qualifications of teachers, thus facilitating foreign language education and teaching, and contributing to the talent cultivation of the university.

At 8.30 a.m, a brief but formal opening ceremony took place at Room 334, No 1 Building of the South Campus. There were altogether fifteen contestants, coming from Departments of English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and College English. Present at the ceremony were several honored guests, including Dai Dewei, deputy director of HUST Higher Education Research and Teaching Quality Assessment Center, Shi Lei, deputy director-general of Educational Administration Office, Gao Xiujiang, CPC HUST secretary of School of Foreign Languages. Zhen Yanhua, vice dean of the School of Foreign Languages(presiding over work), Zhou Xiaoli, CPC HUST vice secretary of the school, and Changying, vice dean of the school in charge of scientific research. Also present at the ceremony were nine judges, including Ma Yanhui, vice dean of the school in charge of teaching, and Guo Hong, committee member of the academic board. Young teachers of the school aged under 35 years old and student volunteers were also present at the opening ceremony.

Vice Dean Zhen Yanhua delivered a speech at the ceremony, extending her hearty congratulations to the holding of the competition, expressing her warm welcome to the leaders and guests present, and giving her heartfelt thanks to the competition organizers, judges and other personnel for their hard work. Meanwhile, she emphasized the significance of the competition, which was the joint effort of the school and the secondary trade union. She pointed out that the teaching competition was one of the measures School of Foreign Languages had taken to implement teaching reform, and also a useful way to improve teaching quality of young teachers. Therefore, this practice would be sustained in the future. She stressed that the constants are the representatives of young teachers of the school, and the young teachers taking part in the ceremony as audience are the fresh blood of the school. It was her sincere hope that through the competition, a lively environment could be fostered where great emphasis is put on teaching and pursuing teaching-related research. At the same time, through peer review of the teaching performance, mutual communication among teachers could be stimulated. As a result, the teaching level of the whole School of Foreign Languages would be improved, thus contributing to the talent cultivation of the university.

After the speech, Wu Yanfei, teacher from Department 1 of College English went to the podium as the first contestant, which marked the beginning of the competition.

According to the rule of the competition, there were nine judges from the School of Foreign Languages and four judges chosen randomly from the audience. The fifteen contestants had to prepare three lectures before the competition, and twenty minute before the competition, the content they should teach was chosen. The thirteen judges each gave a score to the contestant based on the teaching plan and their performance. The final score was the average score after the highest score and the lowest score had been omitted. According to the rank of the scores, one contestant was awarded as the outstanding winner, three as first prize winners, five as second prize winners, and six as third prize winners.

The competition lasted almost a whole day. The fifteen contestants had given full scope to their teaching talents and showed the audience their serious attitude towards teaching as well as their genuine passion. After finishing their lecture, each contestant was greeted with a round of applause.

Finally, Yang Rui from Russian Department won the outstanding award. First prize winners were Xu Pei from Russian Department, Song Lanlan from Korean Department, and Wang Yongqin from Department 1 of College English. Second Prize winners included Li Ying from Department 2 of College English, Liu Yunan from Japanese Department, Guan Ning from Department 1 of College English, Wu Wenting from Japanese Department, and Zhang Xuan from Department 2 of College English. Li Kai from English Department, Wu Yanfei from Department 1 of College English, Gu Yingzhou from Japanese department, Fu Si from Department 1 of College English, Yang Xin from English Department, and Su Wuping from Japanese Department won third prizes.


Vice Dean Zhen Yanhua (presiding over work) delivering an opening speech


Experts and Judges listening attentively to the lectures


Before the competition, judges discussing the marking criteria


Before the competition, judges from the audience were chosen


Contestant Xu Pei from Russian Department


Contestant Liu Yunan from Japanese Department


Contestant Song Lanlan from Korean Department


Contestant Li Kai from English Department


Contestant Guan Ning from Department 1 of College English


Contestant Zhang Xuan from Department 2 of College English

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