HUST Two Professors Selected 2017 “Longjiang Scholar Scheme”

byZhou Changqun

Translated by Pang Baokun; edited by Zhen Yanhua

Time: 2017-11-04 09:13:02 Click: 1,375

Recently, the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province released annual candidate list of “2017 Longjiang Scholars Support Plan”. Professor Wu Jun from the School of Science and professor Chen Minghua fromSchool of Electrical and Electronic Engineering were appointed as “Young Scholars of Longjiang Scholar”. At present, there are 11 distinguished professors of Longjiang Scholars, 5 part-time professors of Longjiang Scholars and 2 young scholars of Longjiang Scholars in our school.

In 2017, our province launched a new “Longjiang Scholars Support Plan”, which aims to implement the “province with science and technology”, “school with talent” strategy, to strengthen the construction of high-level talent team of institutions of higher learning in our province, build a number of leading domestic or international advanced level, promote the development of young and middle-aged people, especially young academic talent of professional ability and further enhance academic research level, to declare a higher level of national talent project savings reserve forces.

Nominated by each school, communication review, candidate of the public, meeting defense committee for examination and a series of procedures. Finally, 21 finalists were selected as Longjiang Scholars of 2017, among whom distinguished professors are 11 people, 10 people for young scholars.

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