Female Doctors of HUST Go to Xinli Village forPoverty Alleviation and Education Assistance

byXu Zhuang Executive editor:Xu Zhuang fromPropaganda Department of Party Committee

Translated by Liu Xiuming; edited by Chen Fuming

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On November 10, 15 female doctors from School of Marxism, School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Sciences, School of Foreign Languages, and School of Law went toKangzhuang Primary School, Xinli Village of Fengle Town, Bayan County for poverty alleviation and education assistance. Xinli village is an appointed village of HUST for poverty alleviation and education assistance. The theme of the activity is “helping the poor children to build their China’s dream”, and the purpose is to achieve accurate poverty alleviation by helping the poor children complete their schooling successfully.

At 10:30am, the launching ceremony of this activity starts in Kangzhuang Primary School. Presided by Liu Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fengle Town, the ceremony is attended by Lu Yan, Deputy Secretary of Communist Party Committee of HUST and Honorary Chairman of Female Doctor Association, Chu Guohong, Minister of the Organization Department of the County Committee, other leaders from the town and county, representatives of students and teachers.

On behalf of local government, Chu Guohong expresses thanks for the efforts that HUST have done to Xinli village for poverty alleviation and education assistance. She specially thought highly of the measures and actions done by Dong Shaowei and HUST Poverty Alleviation and Education Assistance Association. She points out that since they came to Xinli Village, they have taken accurate measures to help the poor people out on the basis of thorough investigation, research and analysis. Thanks to the abundant resources of education, successful assistance of cooperation projects and a serial of practical measures of poverty alleviation provided by HUST, Xinli village have laid a solid foundation for the early reduction of poverty. She added that at the time in need, the arrival of the 15 female doctors from HUST is a great morale booster that helps the teachers and students to get out of poverty as early as possible.

On behalf of the female doctors, Lu Yan points out in her speech that the 19th CPC National Congress has not only set forth a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping's new era, but also painted a grand blueprint for the people of the entire country to set off a comprehensive construction of a moderate society and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. She states that accurate poverty alleviations put forward by President Xi Jinping are the key to build a moderate society in an all-round way. Faculty and students in HUST have attached great importance to the education of primary and secondary schools in Xinli village. The female doctors take an active part in the fundraising activity, and they have got a donation of 30 thousand RMB Yuan, a large amount of stationery and clothing only in one week. She stresses that the main purpose of this in-depth support activity to schools in poor areas is to give necessary care and support to the students for their future college dream. Lu Yan continues that after this launching ceremony, more and more teachers and students of HUST will be sure to participate in the activity in the future. She emphasizes that the essence of poverty alleviation focuses not only on their "intelligence", but also on their ambition. Only when students are aspiring to learn at their early age can they completely get rid of poverty and make contributions to the realization of Chinese dream. Professor Li Qinghua, President of HUST Female Doctor Association, delivers the donations to the students on behalf of the delegates.

After the launching ceremony, the female doctors take part in the class meetings in Kangzhuang Primary School with “my dream” as the theme. After a warm talk with the students,Ma Shanshan from school of law delivers a speech on how to improve students’ safety awareness and self-protection abilities. CETV videos the whole activity and the report is said to be broadcast soon.



The launching ceremony held in the Kangzhuang Primary School


Lu Yan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of HUST delivering a speech


Chuguohong delivering a speech


Liu Yan presiding the launching ceremony


Professor Li Qinghua delivering a speech



Student representatives and female doctors and the students


Grant delivering ceremony


Student representative expressing thanks to the female doctors


Female doctors attending class meetings


Female doctors having a warm talk with the students and Ma Shanshan delivering a speech


Students’ composition show


Lu Yan being interviewed by CETV


A photo of the female doctors and the working staff


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