“Top 10 Women” Noble Deeds Report Enters Rongcheng Campus

byZhao Yunping fromRongcheng Campus

Translated by Xu Lei; edited by Zhen Yanhua

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On March 24, HUST “Top 10 Women” Luo Laizhen and Wang Xiaohua Advanced Deeds Report was held at Academic Hall, Floor 7 of Library of Rongcheng Campus. Xu Xiangchen, the Chairman of HUST Trade Union and Director of Rongcheng Campus, Qi Kaijun, Vice Executive Chairman of HUST Labor Union, Duan Muyongdong, Secretary of Party Committee of the School and other relevant leaders attended the meeting, so did over 200 teachers; the report was hosted by Yu Haiyang from HUST Labor Union.

“Top 10 Women” of HUST is to select advanced models from the female teaching staff, who lead in teaching ethics and methods, work diligently in research, educate the contemporary college students by profound learning and personality charm, demonstrate the spirit of the frontline teachers of HUST and maintain and pass positive energy. FromOn Teachingby Han Yu to “4 Virtues of a Good Teacher” by President Xi Jinping, the topic that how a teacher is from “competent to and proficient at teaching” to “willing and ready to teach” challenges the educators for the whole life.

When HUST Labor Union were on the Rongcheng Campus, they also visited and learnt more about the Home of Teaching Staff, Canteen of Teaching Staff, Cultural and Sports Center, Health Center, Children’s Amusement Park, and Fengchao Express Delivery, listened to the reports on extracurricular activities conducted by 11 associations of the School Union, had cordial talks with some young and senior teachers of Rongcheng Campus to know more about their comments and suggestions about the Labor Union. “Top 10 Women” Advanced Deeds Report Entry into Rongcheng Campus got the achievement beyond expectation.


Luo Laizhen and Wang Xiaohua of “Top 10 Women” delivering lectures


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