School of Laws Launches the Project of Teachers’ Virtue Construction

byZhang Qiang fromDepartment of Publicity

Translated byWei Xutao; edited byZhen Yanhua

Time:2017-04-05 14:34:15 Click: 1,627

As an important part of Party’s working style construction and anti-corruption in universities and colleges, teachers’ virtue construction is also the indispensable guarantee for enhancing education & teaching quality, which has been proved by the practice of HUST’s School of Laws.

In 2016, HUST CPC Committee issued her dispatch 2016/09 to call on the implantation of Party’s working style construction and anti-corruption in primary Party organization,in accordance with which focused efforts were made in School of Laws. Thanks to the guidance of teachers’ virtue construction, the guarantee of institutional construction and the motivation of fine examples, the spirit of the dispatch was carried out successfully in School of Laws. All teaching staff members were unified under the same goal, and were organized to work in their optimum states. By commencing “scholarly School of Laws” series of study activities, students’ study style was promoted greatly as well.

After a whole year’s practice in teachers’ virtue construction, great achievements were made in School of Laws. A more scientific system of teaching & talent cultivation was set up, while beneficial interactions between teaching style and study style were formed. In the 3rd “Gongcheng Cup” Northeast Undergraduates’ Moot Court Contest, HUST delegation won the championship, which is the first time for any university or college of Heilongjiang province to do so.

Looking forward to the future, we can see that in School of Laws, teachers’ virtue construction has been viewed as a long-term job, whose connotation, effective carriers and embodiment ways in daily education are always being studied carefully. By conveying the spirits of teachers’ virtue construction as well as Party’s working style construction and anti-corruption to the terminals of education & teaching activities, the education & teaching quality will surely improved in School of Laws and a solid foundation can definitely be laid down on the way of building a stronger HUST.

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