One Class Get Great Achievements and the Reform of Talent Cultivation Model Has Achieved Initial Success

byE Ying fromSchool of Foeeign Languages

Translated by Yang Xin; edited by Chen Fuming

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With the caring of our university leaders, the support of the Academic Office, and the cooperation of every college in our south campus, Experimental English Best of Best (BOB) Class began lectures in September 2016. The 32 students were chosen from every college on South Campus. All the 32 students have passed the College English Test Band 4 (CET 4) in December 2016, 100% passing rate for the very first time.

BOB Class adopts Lecture Modal, taught by a team of 10 teachers. They are Chen Fuming, Qi Deshan, Jiang Yufeng, Lang Fei, Tian Xu, Shi Lei, Yang Xin, Yang Shengzhu, Li Ying and Ma Liang. The lectures are given according to different subjects, breaking the limitation of English major and non English major. The teachers can exert their strengths, focusing on a certain subject. Shi Lei acts as the teacher in charge of BOB Class. The teachers adopts the multi-dimensional teaching modal of on-line and off-line, focusing on teaching efficiency in traditional class and extending learning resource from the Internet. The teaching modal is driven by output, paying attention to students’ employment and social recognition. The teaching team followed“3A”rules, which are Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude. The students are divided into different groups supervised by different teachers, fully utilizing fragment of time, cultivating good learning habit. BOB Class has achieved great visible and invisible teaching results. (Photoed by Shi Lei)

BOB students listening to the leacture carefully

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